Thankful: March 2014

This month, it’s been easier to think of things that I’m not so thankful for: an impending move to a smaller office building, which means several of my colleagues and I will no longer have offices (hello, cubicles!), perceived inequalities in life, thoughts of a wisdom tooth that needs to be extracted, (winter) weight gain, and speaking of winter—wondering if it’ll ever end!

But enough about that—here are the things I’m thanking God for this month:

  1. Babies and baby news are everywhere and that has reminded me of how much I love kids. As I mentioned last month, two of my friends had babies and happily one of them lives close enough that I get to see the baby every week when I hang out with her parents. A colleague visited our workplace with her almost five month old daughter and I carried her around for most of their visit. A couple of my friends are pregnant. I’m looking forward to being a mom, and I’m thankful that my recent exposure to babies reminded me of my maternal instinct.
  2. When I talked about managing long-distance collaborations, I hinted at issues with payment (among other challenges). I’d been waiting to be paid for several months and part of me felt that I should give up, but I just couldn’t! I had a bit of hope because they kept insisting they’d pay me, but they also kept missing the deadlines they set. That left me feeling skeptical and prepared for the worst, so when I received the payment last week it was a welcome surprise! I’m very thankful for this because even though I was prepared to use the whole experience as a lesson for next time, in my head I was screaming “I deserve to be compensated for my time!!!”
  3. I’m thankful for people who believe in me and support me. My dad was in town last weekend and I spent some quality time with him. It’s amazing how much he believes in me—sometimes I wonder how he can see someone so different from who I see when I look at myself. He knows me well, so he knows what’s holding me back, and I’m thankful that he keeps trying to shake some sense into me. My mom’s support is comfortable because I know she’ll let me move at my own pace, even if that’s a slow pace, and she’s supportive the entire way. When you combine their approaches, each parent’s support complements the other—I’m a lucky woman.

    I have supportive friends too—this month I want to acknowledge my favourite super working mum and Wendy, both of whom must be tired of giving me pep talks, but who keep encouraging me to go for what I want to accomplish.

Speaking of motivation, there’s a ton of information out there that you can access freely. I’ve been listening to Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within series (borrowed from the library) and it’s gooooooooood. He encourages us to strive to be outstanding humans. Why? Because:

  • Good people get poor results
  • Excellent people get good results
  • Outstanding people get outstanding results

It doesn’t take much more to be outstanding than it does to be excellent—being outstanding is all about reaching down into yourself when you think you’ve given your all and finding that extra ounce to take things to the next level. He used the analogy of building a bicep: if you’re lifting a weight and doing 10 reps with that weight, the 10th bicep curl is the one that makes the biggest impact in Operation: Killer Biceps. It’s the hardest one too, because your muscles are exhausted from previous reps. So to be good, you’d do what’s expected, the 10 reps. To be excellent you’ll try for 10.5 or maybe 10.75, and stop because your quivering muscles are telling you to give in, that you’ve already done the required 10, but to be outstanding, you need to push through it all and manage that full 11th bicep curl. Why bother to strive for outstanding? It’s where the biggest rewards are, and because it doesn’t take much more than what it takes to be excellent, why not?

I used to strive to be outstanding when I was much younger but I’ve not been that version of myself for a while. I have a feeling most of you are high achievers.

What are you thankful for?

8 thoughts on “Thankful: March 2014

  1. Definitely a thankful March, Jummy! Your payment deserves an azonto dance from me, lol

    Btw, parents are awesome. Whether you’re a rock star or an outcast, they’ll run to extreme lengths to make you happy. I’m thankful for them as well :)

    • lol abeg record the dance jo! I won’t believe it until I see it.

      You said it right about parents! I hope we will be as wonderful when our time comes. I thank God with you for your parents.

  2. Jummy, that long awaited payment deserves ‘skelewu’ dance. Besides, you need to work harder so as to bring out the best in you, also note that there is an appointed time for everything under the sun.

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