Thankful: March 2016


O Lord I am very, very grateful
For all You have done for me
O Lord I am very, very grateful
I say thank you daddy

As I wrote this month’s thankful post, I had Agatha Moses as my soundtrack (go to 18:07 for the above chorus). I think every Nigerian knows the medley that the above excerpt is from—if you don’t, please hand in your Nigerian passport now.

I have so much to be thankful for this month; God is GOOD.

  1. First off, I’m thankful for my dad’s time investment and belief in me. He always puts aside whatever he’s working on without a question to listen to what I have to say. It’s always been like that so it can be easy to take it for granted, but when I heard someone say that her father always looks at her like he wishes she would disappear, and worse, that she’s felt like this her whole life, it broke my heart.

    In this world of short attention spans and smartphones, giving someone your undivided attention is rare. I know how great it makes me feel to receive undivided attention, so I want to be that person who invests her time in her nearest and dearest, without distraction—it’s important.

    Speaking of my dad, if you want to see me tearing up (or was I crying?) while talking about him, watch this Periscope broadcast.
  2. My annual medical exam went well, and my blood test results were normal—my iron is at the best levels ever, so much so that I don’t need to be on supplements anymore—praise God!
  3. Also on the health front, my youngest brother also got a good report on his broken hand—it has healed perfectly. It took a while and he needed surgery but we thank God for healing.

    This reminds me of the mystery of how God operates. God can do anything, but sometimes we have to be part of the solution—we have to take action. If we use the example of my brother’s broken bone: some people in the same situation as my brother don’t need surgery—the bone heals perfectly on its own. Others have to have surgery, followed by physiotherapy while others need even more severe intervention, or lose mobility permanently. If my brother had decided to wait and see if the bone would heal on its own, he may have done irreparable damage to his hand. Let us not be slow to take action (you have no idea how much I’m preaching to myself here!).
  4. I received news that a long-distance friend’s twins arrived safely and I give God thanks for answering that prayer. What a blessing!
  5. I had the honour of meeting a blog friend this month! It was great to meet her face-to-face and for her to meet my family. I was completely myself in her presence (maybe too much!) and she felt comfy too; thank God! I look forward to seeing her again soon. Making friends through blogging is a real thing. I kind of developed a crush on her life while getting to know her—something about it grabbed the inspiration junkie in me, and if I started telling you everything you’d feel the same way!

    She had asked me if I wanted her to bring me something and I told her that the only thing I wanted was a hair conditioner that they don’t sell in Canada—I was on the last bottle of the supply I had asked another friend to buy for me last year. Unfortunately, my blog friend didn’t live close to the store that sells the product, but as God would have it, she found (perhaps through some research!) that a location of the store was on her way to the airport so she made a special trip for me. I was so surprised by her gift that I couldn’t stop thanking her—it was an unexpected and welcome surprise!

  6. I thank God for protection: I came home late one night this month, exhausted, and I put something on the stove at a very low temperature to warm up so it wouldn’t spoil. I fell asleep on the couch and woke up less than an hour later to go to bed. I was about to drift off to sleep when I felt the urge to go and check the stove. I actually tried to talk myself out of going back downstairs but when I did and saw the stove on, I gave God all the glory and thanks immediately. God speaks but are we listening?
  7. If you live in the USA, Canada, or Australia (and probably other countries) and you have a library card, is now offering unlimited access memberships to library card owners! If you live in the US, this isn’t new, but it’s a newer phenomenon in my city. I’m so thankful that my colleague told me. There’s so much you can learn on; seriously: check it out. Warning: it may be when you see all the site’s offerings!
  8. Finally, I’m thankful for the newest member of the bible study I attend. First of all, she inspires me with her prayers—I love her fervency and faith—but it’s her testimony about what God is doing in her love life that is amazing. She has not only inspired our little group, but her story has spread beyond Canada’s borders and is encouraging others. I’d love to sit down with her and record a Periscope broadcast where she can share some encouraging words with women who are waiting for answered prayers in the area of a spouse.

What a great month—God is so good!

Please answer one or both of the following:

  1. What are you thankful for this month?
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9 thoughts on “Thankful: March 2016

  1. Jummy…I am thankful for your life, thankful for God’s protection and provision, it can only be God.

    And because you’ve been thankful to God for every little and great things He’s done for you, I see Him granting every of your heart desires as you enter into the month of April in Jesus Name, Amen!

    • Amen Sesan; thank you for reading and being supportive. May God meet all of your needs and answer your prayers.

  2. I am thankful to God for his protection over me and my loved ones. Its a mystery how i(especially) and my parents are pulling through some things so am very thankful for that!
    I’ve heard about before but i haven’t taken time to know more about it. I guess everyone around the world can use it since its online?

    • God is good o: so glad that you have a good testimony of God’s hand on your family’s life, Tunde.

      You’re right that is online so anyone can access it, but I believe the free access is limited to cities with the library partnership.

  3. Hmmm… Always soulfully enriching to read your words of gratitude. #1 particularly struck a similar cord, and I really wish more men, and women too, fully understand how important the father’s role-modelling and present presence (we all know not everyone who is in our presence is actually present 😕) is to kids of both genders! The good Lord is not wasteful, and He wouldn’t have designed our family structure so if it is necessary; we all know reptiles thrive without parenting, so He could have designed us the same!

    I am thankful for all those who allow themselves to be used as answers to my silent prayers 😇

    • Thank you SO much, Bash!

      You’re right: someone needs to do something about educating people on this very important concept of deliberate parenting, of pouring into our children. My extremely strong attachment to my parents is a result of the love and care they’ve lavished, and the lessons my dad has deliberately tried to teach me and my siblings. I feel truly blessed to have my parents.

      I love your thankful point—it’s true that we may be hearing whispers that we should help someone yet we choose not to so thank God when people listen! :)

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