Thankful: March 2017

Welcome to March 30; just one more day before the first quarter of 2017 is over! Can you believe it?!?? I hope you’re having a good year so far; as for me, I’ve been struggling, but don’t worry: this isn’t a depressing post! Some people are bored by lives that feel empty and meaningless, meanwhile it’s the excess of wonderful relationships that I want to cultivate and things that I want to accomplish that’s causing much of the struggle within me and I’ve decided that it’s a good problem to have, even though right now there isn’t much that I think I’m doing very well. I thank God because I believe that I will find solutions that’ll work for me. The experts rightly say we should focus on one thing at a time and I can see the benefits of that method when I look at all the incomplete projects in my life. It amazes me at times that I’ve found a way to survive in the midst of the chaos but that’s God for you.

This month’s thankful post would have been longer had I written down things as they happened. Instead I was sure I’d remember them all (note to self: you won’t). Please join me in thanking God for the following occurrences this month.

  1. My youngest brother arrived home safely from his trip to England at the beginning of the month.
  2. Last year I took a trip to Toronto to sort out my Bank Verification Number (BVN) because there was all this hoopla from the Central Bank of Nigeria about how you needed to sort out your BVN immediately lest all your money be transferred to your worst enemy’s account (or something like that ;) ). It ended up being a great trip because I was able to catch a Hillsong concert and meet a mastermind bestie and accountability partner. When I went to Nigeria a few months later, I took my BVN with me to the bank to make sure all was well but almost a year later I discovered that my BVN hadn’t been added to my account, making it impossible to use the account for online banking. It took a lot of back and forth with the bank to sort things out but thank God that it’s working now! If you need to transfer naira to my account, please leave a comment and I’ll provide you with all the information that you need.
  3. My other brother came through for me this month: though he came over for another reason entirely, he helped me install my smoke detector/carbon monoxide monitor while he was here. It was not as easy a job as the picture above may suggest (the finickiness of the task had caused me to abandon it months back). My brother even offered to help me clean my house (I declined out of shame!). I’m thankful for how far our relationship has comeā€”it’s a reminder that God can change people, though it’ll happen in His time.
  4. My niece celebrated five months of life this month and I give God all the glory and praise for her life. Because babies change so much in their first year we celebrate each month of their lives but isn’t it interesting that as we get older we only celebrate annually? Some don’t even get excited about a birthday unless it’s a milestone one. I’m telling you: opening your eyes every morning is a gift and a reason to #celebratedaily17. I didn’t do a good job of celebrating regularly this month but I’m thankful that I’m still here.
  5. My mom’s cousin (who’s almost 10 years younger than I am, you know how that goes in large families) had a beautiful wedding in Nigeria a couple of weeks ago and I’m thankful to God for what He brought her through to celebrate this wedding day.
  6. Finally, this was the month of finding things that were lost for almost a year! I had faith that I would find the first item on the list on time, even as time ticked dangerously close to the deadline and God came through for me. I found:
    • insurance documents that I needed to sort out by tomorrow (found with only a couple of days to spare!)
    • a car-related document that I’ll need shortly
    • lovely tweezers that were a gift from my mom

And that is March from a thankfulness perspective!

Describe your 2017 so far and tell me what you’re thankful for this month!

2 thoughts on “Thankful: March 2017

  1. its always good when family members come around and return to the fold. we all need family and friends. I’m glad things are working out for you Joomers.

  2. Thought it was only in Nigeria that the BVN is taking place, didn’t know it is over there too!
    And regarding No #3, we all needed help sometimes. The last time i tried to fix something similar to that, it wasn’t easy as it looks
    happy new month in advance GNG

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