Thankful: May 2013

I’ve decided to start posting Thankful Thursdays on the last Thursday of the month…let’s see how long this lasts!

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I’m thankful:

…for protection during my solo trip to Paris and London.

…that my sister is adjusting well to life in Nigeria. She’s adjusted to the intermittent electricity and the occasional cockroach in a way that I doubt I could. Speaking of cockroaches, it annoys me so much that even a clean home can’t prevent those critters from finding their way in (or can it?). I hate bugs…I miss my sister because she used to kill bugs for me. :)

…for the milestone that my youngest brother, Babatunde celebrated: on May 25 he turned 25. When your age and your day of the month you were born on are the same, they call that your champagne birthday here. It’s pretty incredible to think my parents’ youngest child is 25, that we’ve been a family of six for twenty five years–that is a long time! I pray that we’ll be blessed with health and closeness forever and ever (Amen).

…for the body’s healing process. I developed an allergic reaction to a face lotion I hadn’t used before (I think) and the result has been dry, burning, and itchy skin for weeks. Now everything I use, even creams and cleansers I’ve used for years, cause my face to burn. I went to a doctor and she prescribed a hydrocortisone cream, and I’m using water and nothing else to clean my face. My face still feels dry and a bit scaly but so much better than two weeks ago. I’m hoping and praying that the skin of my face will renew itself soon.

…for my generous cousin, Ruthie, who hooked me up with some good stuff (haha, it sounds like I’m talking about drugs but I promise I’m not!). She’s too good to me.

…for my loving mother. She’s too much most of the time (they say you can’t spell “smother” without “mother” after all!) but her heart is always in the right place. Her devotion to her family is unbelievable–I plan to keep my future husband away from her so he doesn’t develop unrealistic expectations of me from seeing how she is!

…for my job. I had my performance evaluation this month and it looks like they’re still happy with my performance. Phew! ;)

…for my sight. I have a really strong eyeglass prescription (seriously I’d bet it’s stronger than that of anyone you’ve ever met) but I can see. I don’t joke with regular eye appointments because I cherish the gift of being able to experience the world around me through the sense of sight, and I’ll never take for granted the things I can do because I can see, things such as drive myself around and of course, blog!

What are YOU thankful for?

10 thoughts on “Thankful: May 2013

  1. Thanking God with you.

    I am thankful for the wonderful opportunities God has opened my eyes to in the past month.
    I am thankful for my family
    I am thankful that I now have a good nanny again for my daughter and who helps with cleaning as well…pure bliss!

  2. Fabulous post! read through your post on your brother – Babatunde … totally loved it, kept laughing while reading it! you're obviously very fond of him!
    Hope your skin clears sharpishly, that skin of yours is too fabulous for all that shiznit!lol

    • Thank you, NoLimit! Babatunde is a good kid, but a lot of trouble too…I do thank God for him though!

      Thanks o…still battling small small with the skin but God is good.

  3. I'm thankful for life.
    For my family and friends.
    For Cakes and cakes.
    For a job, even though I grumble 5+ times a day.
    For my church and pastor.
    That I have a roof over my head, with generator through the night.
    For my car, even though the lights are flashing and that really bugs me.
    For God's forgiveness.

    • I thank God for all these blessings you enjoy…your thankful nature will ensure that more goodness comes to your life. Stay blessed, Berry Dakara! ♥

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