Thankful: May 2014

Every month I share things that happened that I’m thankful for. May has brought warmer weather and lots of sunshine, so that’s a great start right there! What else is there to thank God for? Plenty.

  1. My nephew passed his one-month appointment with flying colours—he’s gaining weight like a champ (though I hope he isn’t taking after his auntie!). We celebrated by going for dinner at our favourite Chinese buffet place (um, don’t judge in light of the previous sentence!) and I’m happy that this little guy gives us another reason to celebrate—yum!

    So about my nephew: he’s just too much! If I had my way I’d be posting pictures of the little one left, right, and centre! I love him so much and just thinking about him (which I do multiple times a day) makes me smile. He’s such a blessing—I could never have guessed how quickly he’d slay us all.
  2. My relationship with the elder of my two younger brothers is improving, much to my surprise—I wish I could say it’s because I’ve been praying and fasting over it but God gets all the credit because I applied the “Let go and let God” philosophy for the first time in my life, as in I accepted that I couldn’t change things (since I had tried) and here we are. I’m very thankful for this.
  3. I was frustrated with my ineptness with a new blog design framework I was using and put it out on Twitter. A kind stranger responded and got me in touch with experts, one of whom created a Google Hangout to explain something that was hurting my brain to me. I was so thankful for that and although I get frustrated every day, at least there are people I can turn to when I have a question.
  4. My youngest brother turned 26 on Sunday! I’m so thankful for his life and his personality. He lives about five hours away so we don’t stay in touch like we used to but he’s still the same little scamp!
  5. Last week I got to park downtown for $1 (this would normally cost anywhere from $10-14, so this is why I take the bus to work!) because I was in the right place at the right time. After going to the $10 parking lot and discovering it was full, I decided to park on the street for 20 minutes ($1) and look for a new parking spot on foot (all those one-way streets can get confusing if you don’t know where you’re going). And that’s how I ran into a lady who was leaving and who offered me her day pass, allowing me to park until 8:00pm! The best part is this parking spot ended up being the closest one to my office building.


  6. Have you ever thought back to something that happened that could have ended up really badly but due to the grace of God it didn’t? For me that was the trip my mom, pregnant sister, and I took to the USA in bad weather last November. All I have to do is think back to several challenging parts of the drive and my heart skips a beat— I am so thankful. Another event from a few years ago is when I went to bed with my front door unlocked. God is good.
  7. A last minute addition: my cousin who I mentioned in the last post delivered a healthy baby boy two days ago (I found out from her brother). I’m thankful that everything went smoothly.

How about you? What are you thankful for this month?

10 thoughts on “Thankful: May 2014

  1. So happy to read all your thankful testimonies. God is good. May you continue to have more thankful posts.

    • Thank you…God is good and when I feel like nothing is going like I want it to, it helps to remember these blessings.

  2. I absolutely love your thankful posts, please keep them up. May God continue to give you things to be thankful for.

  3. Thank God for His wonderful mercies. I love reading your thankful posts too and it inspires me to think about all God has done in the past month and to consciously say thank you too xx

  4. I’m thankful that your “Thankful Posts” are always consistent, Jummy! Lol :D

    On a more serious note, I’m impressed at how detailed you are with each testimony you give. It’s a lesson for me, as I tend to spend hours thinking about specific things I need to be thankful about. Oh—I never miss the generic “He gave us air to breathe, clothes to wear, food to eat, etc” thing. lol

    Counting my blessings 101…

    • Thank you, Maggie! Of all the posts I write, I find this one is the easiest one to be consistent with, because the structure is the clearest to me. I have to get to this stage with all the different things I want to talk about.

  5. Yay for your thankful posts! I am thankful that even though I had several moments of doubt and anger about the importance of my blog/the work I want to do, God helped me out of the hole by reminding me that diligent work, service to others, and a lot of faith with endurance produce fruitful results.

    • Thank you, Diana!

      Your comment was a testimony to me; thank you for that…sometimes we lose sight of the “bigger picture” so I’m thankful that comments like yours remind me of it.

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