Thankful: May 2016

It’s the last Thursday of May and there’s no better time to give thanks to God for all that He has done, all that He is doing, and all that He will do in the future.


  1. File this one under “a little bit vain” but I thank God that I still had plenty of hair left on my head after I finished removing my ten-week-old braids! I won’t leave them on for that long again—I don’t want to play with fire.
  2. A sermon of Bishop TD Jakes’s spoke to me this past weekend: I was listening to part of it while cleaning the bathroom and from the way I was responding out loud you’d think that I was in church. I thank God for inspired words that come at the perfect time. I thank God for the convicting power of words. And I thank God in advance for the help I’m going to need to do the right thing in difficult situations.
  3. I thank God in advance for the healing I’m expecting for my knee: I’m currently receiving physiotherapy for it and I’ve also received a “prescription” of exercises to do on a daily basis to make things better.
  4. Earlier this week I shared some bad habits that I’ve picked up while living alone—I’m thankful that I’m leaving that laziness behind.
  5. I’m thankful for the holiday we had in Canada this past Monday, Victoria Day. Holidays are always welcome but sometimes in life you find yourself in a season where you’re living from holiday to holiday, always waiting for the next break—that’s the season I’m currently in.

    God blessed us with fantastic weather for the entire long weekend and even though I don’t like bugs I spent time outside, hanging out with my family and chasing my nephew (is there anything cuter than a wee human who’s just learned to run running?). It was lovely and by Monday night I was trying to find ways to prolong that holiday feeling—a continuation of the gorgeous weather this week has certainly helped!
  6. My youngest brother celebrated his birthday yesterday. Since he lives in another city, the family didn’t celebrate with him in person, though we did speak on the phone. My mom made a delicious meal that we ate without himon his behalf.

    There’s a lot I can say about this (not-so) baby brother of mine but today I want to share some of the lessons I’ve seen him live out successfully, lessons that I have difficulty with:

    • don’t be afraid take chances
    • believe that things will work out for your good
    • celebrate and enjoy life (he has a PhD in this!)

    Looking at my brother, he appears to have led a charmed life so far, but it’s precisely because of his personality and habits that he gives the illusion that only good things happen to him. God has given him the ability to expect good things to happen, to believe that everything will work out (is this included in the genes of the baby of the family?). I thank God for being with him through trials (injury, unemployment) he’s faced in the few years that he’s been living on his own, and I also thank God for continually putting him in positions to rise above difficult situations.

At the end of my thankful posts, I always ask you to share what you’re thankful for but I bet you usually skip that part because you think it’s not a big deal but I REALLY WANT TO KNOW! God is so good to us and there’s no better way to keep His blessings flowing into our lives than by giving thanks. So don’t be shy or dismissive: take 30 seconds and share what you’re thankful for in the comments below.

12 thoughts on “Thankful: May 2016

  1. I’m thankful for my new job and new opportunities God is giving me, I’m thankful for my new coworkers. I’m thankful for the woman I’m becoming, less shy, more open and ready to take on the world.

  2. When i was a child i taught the world is a good place of living but now i am a man i realise that the world is not suite for me for me but one thing that keep me moving is that despite God’s protection on me i equally know that HE will not let me down His very Huge Wealth here on earth shall be my. Amen

    • Sorry to hear that you’ve had disappointments, Eze. Keep clinging to God and you will never be disappointed. Amen!

  3. I am thankful for the 3 birthdays we celebrated in our home this month.

    I am thankful to GOD for so many things HE does for my family and I, that I don’ even know of!

    • Praise God for the birthday celebrations, Nitty. May all of you continue to grow in wisdom, favour and stature. Also, may you never run out of things to give God thanks for.

  4. Am glad your knee is now getting better, i guess the balm also play its own part?
    – Before I felt lonely and strange in my inner-self that i might be left behind when almost all of my friends are in higher institution/graduates, Now i think the vision is getting clear as to why God cause me to wait.
    Am grateful to God for that!

    • Thank you, Tunde. you know I haven’t used a balm on my knee but I should—that’s a good idea!

      Wow—yours is a powerful testimony and something to be thankful for: I join you in thanking God for the clarity you’re experiencing. Don’t worry about being left behind: your only competition is you—aim to do better than you were yesterday and you will reach your destination. If God is in it, it will end in praise.

  5. I’m particularly thankful for another year added to me, my grandpa, niece and cousin. I’m thankful for my sister’s graduation and her new job she starts soon. And I’m so thankful for the many travels my whole family took, the journey mercies and the memories that will last forever!

    • Happy Belated Birthday to you and your family members, Berry! And sooo many great things to be thankful for; may God continue to bless you and your loved ones, and keep them too.

  6. Some of my favorite messages are from Bishop TD Jakes… God really has blessed that man. Yay for all your good news! My last hairstyle I had in for about 10 weeks too. My hair likes me to leave it alone, so it’s a good thing.. Lol

    • Chidinma! How are you?

      You’re right: TD Jakes is anointed; his messages are a blessing.

      Ohhh, I’m glad your hair doesn’t suffer if you leave your style in for a while…what I’m learning is my hair (or should I say my scalp) doesn’t want to be messed with—at all! What a shame that all the low-maintenance styles require some stress to the scalp (cornrows, braids).

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