Thankful: November 2014

Happy Thanksgiving, US-based friends! I hope you enjoy the holiday and spend it with people you love, and good food should be part of the plans too. Canada celebrated Thanksgiving over a month ago, which is very convenient because it gives us much-needed breathing space between Thanksgiving and Christmas!

A thankful post on Thanksgiving Day could not be more apropos! Here are the things that I give thanks to God for this month:

  1. Two weeks ago I marked my 9-year work anniversary at my current place of employment. I’m thankful that a one-year contract turned into a permanent position and despite the ups and downs and uncertainty the organization has experienced, I’m thankful for a salary allows me to pay for all my needs and many wants too.
  2. I’m thankful for the people who have or will be reviewing my upcoming ebook (it’s been upcoming since March, blush!) and provided suggestions on how to refine it. I’ve never published anything aside from blog posts so I was (and remain) nervous about it, expecting negative feedback for some reason. Even so, it will be published, and I know that the feedback will help me make the document better. The subject of the ebook is blogging and it will be released early next year.
  3. This month I had the opportunity to spend one-on-one time with two friends that I don’t see as often as I used to. When a lot of time passes between meetups, I convince myself that the friendship is in trouble, but when the conversation flows like we were never apart that puts me back at ease. I’m thankful for all the friendships in my life, even the ones that challenge me because I know I’m supposed to learn something from them.
  4. I’m completely disinterested in cars aside from their use in getting me from one place to another, and this is a vulnerable situation to be in if you own a car because mechanics can smell this naivete from a mile away and they’ll take advantage of it. Every time I go to a mechanic, I leave feeling like I’ve been ripped off because I didn’t ask the right questions or ask for a better price on what was quoted to me. This time around I reached out to a friend before and during my last appointment and he took the time to explain things to me so that when I left the mechanic, I felt good about the value I got for my money. I’m thankful for the time my friend took to help me (and for his patient wife who has to deal with a lot of people picking her husband’s brain!).
  5. Although I’m not celebrating USA Thanksgiving, I’m participating in Black Friday shopping! I thank God in advance for the amazing deals I will get for very little money, and the fun that I’ll have on the trip, and more importantly for the protection He will provide. Whenever I think about last Black Friday, I just thank God. Last year I drove my mom and my five-months pregnant sister to the States for their first Black Friday shopping experience. The weather was bad (reduced visibility due to lots of snow and being stuck behind huge trucks) and I was scared at some points but I asked God for protection and He more than delivered us through our nearly 800 km round trip. I know God will do it again this year (my mom and sis aren’t coming along this time but a dear friend is).
  6. I’m thankful that the “Ask and you shall receive” verse in the bible is true, even in the online world. I’ve sent strangers emails about something they’re doing that I cannot do and I usually get helpful feedback. I recently asked for help in a Facebook group and the woman who answered me went above and beyond, updating her already comprehensive answers as the days go on. I believe in helping others without expectation of any gain—try it; you may love it!

What are you thankful for?

10 thoughts on “Thankful: November 2014

  1. Hello GNG,
    I’m a regular visitor but very infrequent commenter here, however this post has reminded me that I have many things for which I am particularly thankful, this month.
    I’m thankful for a more or less smooth transition when I moved countries at the beginning of the month. I started a new job, registered with the authorities, did the million and one admin tasks that come with migration, had to find an apartment, make new friends and combine all of that with flying back and forth between my city and my boyfriend’s (yet another country!). I’m especially grateful for provision of funds because in my new city you have to pay the equivalence of 3months rent upfront (2months as deposit, plus first month’s rent). I’m thankful that the new job is challenging me and forcing me to be a more rounded nurse (I am more or less my own boss). I am thankful that at 30, my dreams have come true and I finally have my own flat…no housemates, not even my sisters whom I love!

    • I know you, Clara! I’m very happy to read these great updates in your life, and I thank God that you’ve come so far. Keep it up and enjoy the rest of the year! xo

    • Aww, you’re too kind…thank you for reading—the blog would be nothing without kind folks like you who come and read.

  2. Great write up Jumoke.

    Indeed we must give THANKS in all circumstances for that is God’s will for you, me, us in Christ Jesus.

    Keep up the great work.

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