Thankful: November 2016

Happy Thanksgiving to you if you’re US-based! Regardless of where you live, I hope that you have plenty to be thankful for.

I love that American Thanksgiving always falls on the last Thursday of the month because that means I’ll always be posting a Thankful post around Thanksgiving. Given my love of many parts of the “traditional” Thanksgiving meal (listed in order of preference: stuffing, turkey, mashed potatoes), I want to start taking advantage of being American (by birth) and celebrate Thanksgiving in November (in addition to Canada’s October celebration).

There are several things that I’m thankful for this month, so let’s get started.

  1. The first one is a biggie: after five and a half years of living six hours away from most of the family, my father has retired and is now back home! I thank God for my dad’s career and for the impact he made in his industry and on his colleagues. I thank God for being with him the whole time that he was away; I don’t take it for granted, especially because there were health scares and it’s hard to be far away from your loved ones when they’re going through tough times. I love that my dad gives God the glory, thanking him for the initial move. Even though it was unexpected and undesired, my dad always trusted God through the process.

    I’m thankful for the peace in his heart regarding his decision—that was my biggest concern over these past few years that I’ve been urging him to retire: I didn’t want him to have any regrets about his decision. I wasn’t able to attend the celebrations held in his honour but my mom was there and she was touched by how much my dad’s colleagues respect him. Two of his former colleagues who played a significant role in his career at the organization came from six hours away to surprise my dad—it was really special.

    I was emotional about the process of his retirement; I felt like I imagine a parent feels when their child graduates from school. The mixture of pride and just plain happiness is strong stuff! God is good and I’m looking forward to what this new phase of my dad’s life holds for him.
  2. My niece celebrated one month of life this month and her mom and I had cupcakes to celebrate! I thank God for keeping my niece healthy and safe and it’s been lovely to be reminded of how rapidly things change during the newborn phase. My niece brings so much joy to the family and the adults in my family are becoming quite good at stealing her away from each other.
  3. I’m also thankful for my nephew, who will always be my first little love. He’s realized that his sister’s here to stay and it has been sweet to see his sensitive side come up. My nephew’s also growing so much every day and I give God thanks for the healthy children he has given my sister and brother-in-law to raise.
  4. Thank you, God, for my 11-year work anniversary this month! Eleven years ago I never imagined that I’d still be working here because I was hired for a one-year contract. I remember one of my colleagues back then saying that they were going to find a way to keep me—it sounded like talk, but here I am! My job has been instrumental in helping me to hone my editing skills, and my salary has allowed me to do many things. I’ve learned a lot about people—good and bad—from interacting with colleagues and even the lessons that I didn’t enjoy learning are for my benefit—I’m so sure of that and this makes it easier to be thankful for the bad along with the good.
  5. As much as I love connecting with people online, I’m not a great networker. But since I have entrepreneurial dreams, networking is a must. Last week I attended a networking event for people who use ConvertKit (affiliate link). We were a small group and I was tempted to skip the event but the compromise I made was that I could leave early if I wanted to. That didn’t happen: I was inspired by a guy who was able to quit his full-time job to work for himself—it’s one thing to read about countless people around the world doing this but there’s power in having someone local to you sitting across the table from you and sharing their story. I thank God for the opportunity to learn from others a few steps ahead of me.
  6. Whenever people talk about making money from your passion, they often suggest that you find that one thing that you’d do even if you didn’t get paid to do it. I love to sleep and eat candy, and wouldn’t need to be paid to do these things, but in order to profit from your passion, the passion must be something that other people value (boo!). With that being said, I think I’ve figured out my passion: editing! Weird, perhaps, but true: I enjoy editing and proofreading and I was explaining to a friend this week that I feel like errors are attracted to me so that when I’m reading, even when I’m not reading for editing purposes, things jump out at me.

    I actually knew that this was my thing but I didn’t believe that the average person valued editing enough to pay for it. This month I had the opportunity to do some editing for three ladies and they were all pleased with my work. Even though I wasn’t paid for the work, the gratitude they expressed and the kind words they shared about my skills really made my month and gave me confidence that maybe this passion could be something. I believe that God used these opportunities to remind me that overthinking my calling is part of what is keeping me stuck: I just have to do what I’m good at and watch what happens. I thank God for that revelation!

    If you need an editor, get in touch.
  7. The natural hair pros in the house will be horrified but I kept my made-in-Nigeria braids in my hair for 3 months, long enough for my hair to be hopelessly tangled in many cases. You know when you’re trying to detangle hair that best resembles a dreadlock and you just have to decide to yank it out? That was me! Although I lost a lot of hair, it was less than I expected: I’m thankful that I still have hair on my head (it only sounds trivial until it isn’t!). My hairline needs some love but it looks nothing like it did in my nightmares!
  8. Finally, my thrifty heart is thankful for Black Friday sales and the opportunity to save money by hopefully buying only things I need (embarrassed smile). I’m not going across the border to shop this year but I plan to do a little damage online. The best part is that Canada is catching on to the Black Friday “craze” a bit more so more retailers are offering deals.

Enough from me, what are you thankful for this month?

7 thoughts on “Thankful: November 2016

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Jummy and a big congratulations to your dad on his retirement. Also congratulations to you on your job. What’s that like – being in a job/company that you like for that long?

    I guess I’m thankful for my family as always. Truth be told, I’ve been having a little bit of a hard time finding things to be grateful for, and wallowing in some sense of half self-pity. But by God’s grace, my eyes will open soon.

  2. Happy one month to your niece! In some cultures (especially in Confucian-influenced ones), children are presented to the public at one month old (others prefer 100 days and more and more families – even those who have traditionally celebrated at one month – are have opted for the 100 lately), often with a banquet. I don’t fully understand its purpose, since I was born and raised in the western world. I don’t think many people from my background do. It’s just something that is…done.

  3. All good things to hear joomy.
    I;m thankful for 3 years out of the hospital and 2 years at my new job this upcoming april. Both have been real challlenges for me. I’m also thankful for yodel, he helps ease the pain of losing goofy. Helps that he looks just like him

  4. Congratulations on your pops retirement. Wish him a restful era.

    Black Friday has caught on in Nigeria with the advent of online shopping!

    Halloween is an American vice i pray Nigerians doesn’t catch up with. Its becoming popular amongst celebrities & Yankee returnees in Lagos, Port Harcourt & Abuja.

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