Thankful, on seeking perfection

I’m thankful:

  1. The first fundraiser held by the local Yoruba association was successful! The goal was to raise money to support St. Mary’s Hospital in Ibadan so that it can help people with diabetes. I hope that many lives can be improved and enriched by the proceeds of this fundraiser.
  2. The elder of my two younger brothers is officially a university graduate as of Tuesday! I’m so proud of his accomplishment, especially because the path to this success was not smooth. He and I have a difficult relationship but I can’t shake that sisterly pride!
  3. I finally managed to redesign this blog! It’s been a long-time goal so I’m glad I was finally able to release what I’ve been working on for you to see (I’ll say more on that later). I’m also thankful for books and for all the resources that are available on Google; they were a big help. If you notice anything that’s not working as it should be, please let me know in the comments!
  4. For my annual camping trip with my sister and friends this weekend! It’s going to be so relaxing (by God’s grace)…I cannot wait!
  5. My dad’s visit last weekend and his safe trip back to his second home. It can seem repetitive to give thanks for things like this until disaster strikes and we’re reminded that we’re not promised tomorrow. I think of all the future plans that I make…it’s sobering to recall that tomorrow is not guaranteed. It is only if God wills it that it will come to pass. I think of those who lost their lives in the Dana plane crash and I feel so sorry…I don’t have adequate words. I know I’m blessed that my life was not directly affected but I hurt for those whose lives are over and those who will be defined by this tragedy. May those who perished rest in peace, and may God give those who live the strength to go on. I feel pretty foolish in retrospect for crying over a frustrating blog-related quandary!

I read Chichi’s blog entry Is Perfection Stopping You From Accomplishing Your Goals? and I could relate: the quest for perfection stops me from progressing in so many areas of my life (and it leads me to procrastinate, big time!). When things don’t go as planned I get frustrated, and frustration with me always leads to tears (so mature, right?). I become obsessed with figuring out every last detail, even the minor things that really don’t matter. I can’t count how many nights in the past few weeks that I’ve gone to bed at 2:00am or 3:00am (or later) and all I would have to show for six or seven hours’ work is one small, minor tweak to the site that I had to resolve before sleeping. Some might see this tenacity as a good trait but it’s misdirected: I don’t get other important things done because I’m fixated on tiny details that really don’t matter. God help me!

I encourage anyone who suffers from this disease of seeking perfection (and I know there are many of us) to relax a bit. In my case, I’ll put up the new design even though it’s not perfect, but I can tweak it as I go along. And at one point I have to stop because there are other far important things to take care of.

May you always have something to give thanks for.

19 thoughts on “Thankful, on seeking perfection

  1. Well-done on your new blog design.

    You have a lot to be thankful for! Thank God!

    Envy you on your intended camping trip…wish I could go on one soon!

    How have you been?

    • Thank you, ore.

      lol I wonder if you'll enjoy camping…do you like sleeping on rocky, uneven ground? I must say the beach at this place we go to is just beautiful! Do come here and join us on our camping trip!

      I've been well o…God is good!

  2. Hello GNG, my first time commenting but since I stumbled on your blog, it has been a tremendous blessing. We all have many reasons to be thankful: food to eat, clothes to wear, a family to belong to, a job to go to, life, sanity e.t.c. I lost a classmate and her baby in the plane crash, in addition to a distant family friend's wife and 2 kids but I am consoled by this…He will make ALL things work together for our good…We are not any better or more favoured but just by God's mercies. On a lighter note, your reminder on procrastination is literally like a hammer being hit on my head…thanks all the same :d!

    • Hi there…thanks so much for dropping your first comment. I hope you will visit again.

      I'm so sorry for your loss, and also encouraged by your ability to lift up God's name. Your'e right that it's God's grace that keeps us.

      What are we going to do about this procrastination of a thing ooooo? ;)

  3. Hey GNG loving the new look it's awesome……i am thankful for your thankful thursdays reminds me to be thankful all the time:) Have fun camping i wish i was the outdoorsy type but sleeping under the stars is not for me i would rather look at them from the comfort of my balcony or window lol

    • Lol Pendo–I don't blame you for not being a fan of sleeping under the stars, on quite hard ground! Thanks for your kind words about my blog's new look and the thankful posts!

  4. I am grateful for this post. First time on the blog as well and I can't seem to get enough of the practical truth, wit, and wisdom garnished through it. Bless you… Peace of mind over everything.

  5. Wow! Awesome work GNG. The site looks amazing. Did you do the logo yourself? I'm impressed. Don't underestimate your talent.

  6. Nice design :) I too cry when I get frustrated. It's not easy being a perfectionist and at some point the perfectionism has got to stop b/c it really can prevent you from accomplishing your goals!

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