Thankful: September 2015

Every month, I like to share the things that I am thankful for. Having a thankful attitude has improved my life—by not focusing on what I lack, I feel happier. If you look for the positive in any situation you’re going through—and this is not an easy feat—you will always feel better. Self pity gets old so quickly (especially for the people around you, haha!). Here is this month’s thankful list!

My brother-in-law’s birthday
My brother-in-law celebrated another year of life and I thank God for that, for blessing and keeping him for another year. I’m thankful for the efforts he makes to maintain contact with my family and not only with my sister and nephew. Every time I look at my nephew I am thankful for the fact that my brother-in-law and sister (with God’s help) created him. God is good!

Time away from work
I’m thankful for the week of vacation that I took this month—it was much needed and I’ll be doing it again before the year runs out. It was a time to declutter, recharge, and reflect. The work is still in progress but I got a good start.

Lost item found
Do you remember that I lost my camera at the Joyce Meyer conference in August of last year? Spoiler alert: thanks to God and my dad it was not lost for good. In August of this year I lost a watch that my mom had given me as a gift. When you lose something the best first step is to retrace your steps—in your mind or physically. I tried but in this particular case I couldn’t remember when I had last seen that watch. I turned my house and my parent’s house upside down, with my mom and sister joining the search. I may have berated myself for being so careless. Because we had had a couple of family birthdays during that period, I even looked at pictures taken during that time, to see if I was wearing my watch.

(Overkill, perhaps, but I hate losing things, especially things I have a sentimental attachment to!)

But after two weeks of looking I had to accept defeat. “It’ll turn up,” my mom said; I tried to believe her but it was hard, given the effort I had exerted in my search. And sure enough, I went to open a makeup bag I had received recently from my mom and right there with the face product was my watch! Thank God!

Since this experience, and the memory of last year’s experience that was dredged up, I’ve been more careful and aware of where I put things. At work, things have a habit of sliding off my desk into my garbage—no joke, I’ve gone to throw something into the garbage and found my car keys and scarf in there on two separate occasions! I’ve since moved the location of my garbage can, started zipping up my purse instead of leaving it open, and been more conscious when I lay something down. It’s working so far—I haven’t misplaced anything (else) this month!

The generosity of family and friends
For reasons unknown to me, God has blessed me with people who are so giving—and I appreciate it. More than the item they give, what makes me happy is that fact that someone thought about me to the point that they selected something for me—does that make sense? It doesn’t matter what the item is, whether it’s purchased or free; it’s truly the thought that counts.

My mom made a pot of stew for me and I’ll never get too old to receive a pot of mom-prepared stew!

Being less of a procrastinator
Procrastination is one of my worst habits and while I’m still procrastinating in some areas, an area that I’ve finally banished procrastination is with my taxes. I’ve filed my taxes early or on time for the past five years but um, there were two years that I skipped. I took care of those two years earlier this year but the penalty for my procrastinating was delivered to me this month. It hurt, but I’ve now sorted everything out and I know I won’t find myself in this situation again so I’m thankful for that. I don’t mind paying my taxes because I can see where the tax dollars are used in my city, but paying interest due to procrastination is just foolish!

What are you thankful for this month? Let’s celebrate!

4 thoughts on “Thankful: September 2015

  1. I forgot you had a blog, nice to catch up on all the blog posts i have missed.
    Do I receive only email alerts on the thankful posts?

    • Thank you for reading! You should be receiving emails for all blog posts but my blogging frequency has decreased, much to my chagrin! I can’t believe I haven’t posted an entry this month!

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