Thankful: September 2016

Another month is almost behind us but I want to thank God for these things in particular before we say goodbye to September 2016.

  1. My brother-in-law celebrated another year of life this month and it was nice to celebrate with him for the first time. I thank God for protection and provision as he adjusts to life in Canada. I know that my sister and nephew really love having him around.
  2. A colleague who I worked closely with for the better part of almost 10 years passed away in August, and I attended his celebration of life a few weeks ago. I’m thankful for his life—I learned about life and the job from him and he loved to make people laugh. I had never met his wife before so I was incredibly touched when we were introduced to each other and her first words to me were “Jumoke! G (her husband) loved you! He would always say ‘Ah, Jumoke!'” and she made a thumbs up sign then gave me a hug. I had tears in my eyes after that, because I was’t expecting that he would have mentioned me to his wife. There was a lot of laughter at the event as people shared stories about him; it almost felt like he was there with us because he always liked to make people laugh. It was heartwarming to see pictures of his life because I could tell that he had really enjoyed life—beside the urn that contained his ashes was a tambourine, which is so indicative of this joie de vivre.

    G was known to say that he was like a taxi: he wasn’t old but he had a lot of mileage, and it was true: though he was just 66 years old he’d had so many careers and experiences, and he had travelled around the world. Life isn’t about how many years one lives but how much living one does in the years one is given. I’m not getting as much mileage as I’d like, so when I think of my colleague—which happens often since his name is on a lot of documents I deal with at work—I’ll be reminded to LIVE.
  3. The work environment has been challenging lately, but I’m thankful that I was reminded that this is temporary and it’s how I handle things that will make all the difference. I needed to be reminded of that because I had been acting more like a victim than the victor I am! I’m happier when I’m focusing on the good aspects of this job, namely the awesome things I can do because I’m employed.
  4. A dear friend celebrated her birthday this month. I’m thankful for her life, her generosity, and the way in which she supports me and I hope we’ll always be friends.
  5. I’ve been managing my laptop with an old school monitor for a couple of months (I damaged my laptop screen, remember?) and using the laptop with the weird monitor was such an annoying process that I started avoiding using the laptop. Two nights ago I finally got a new external monitor and it refused to work. I tried everything, I even called technical support and they couldn’t help me. Finally I decided to return it but before I did I told them that I was hoping they could make it work. God led me to two men at the store who were so helpful. One of them in particular, Dave, went above and beyond to help me and he ensured that I left the store a confident and happy customer. My new monitor is great and when I finally decide to replace my busted laptop the monitor will be useful for projects that would benefit from being displayed on a larger screen.
  6. My work bestie likes to say that when she’s in a relationship, she doesn’t waste too much energy on trying to figure out if she can trust the guy; instead she trusts herself, meaning rather than worrying if her man can be trusted, she trusts herself to do the right thing should he act up. I like what she’s saying but I’m learning to trust God instead and I’m thankful for that. Instead of stressing myself out by thinking about my future or the health of my family, or my business aspirations over and over again, I’m saying out loud: I don’t know what will happen but I trust God to bring me through it. I’ll just keep going and see what happens. It’s nice to surrender to God since I don’t have control over the outcome of some of the things that I stress about anyway.
  7. Finally, I’m thankful that my mom, sister, and I made time this week to socialize—we went to the movies, something we hadn’t done in years, literally! We’re fans of the Bridget Jones franchise and had some good laughs over the third movie. Though the three of us see each other regularly, it was nice to have actual plans.

What are you thankful for this month?

6 thoughts on “Thankful: September 2016

  1. Am thankful for so so many things! After 3 years, i get to meet my sisters and brothers during a festival which requires family get-together
    And GNG, accept my sympathy over G. I once told a sister of mine that; No matter how much we love someone, Someday its either they leave us or we leave them:/

    • I’m happy for you, Tunde, and for the family time that you’re having—I hope you have (or had) a wonderful time!

      Thank you for the condolences over G and you’re right: though I don’t want to think about it, we will either leave or be left. I pray that God allows us to live long, fulfilling, and productive lives.

  2. May G rest in peace, sounds like he was an awesome human!

    Number 6 spoke to me. I am going through a personal challenge, but luckily in the last year, I have been hearing church sermons, stories on the radio that have changed my mindset about God. I believe these messages were to help prepare me for challenges like this and others I will encounter. In a nutshell, God is not an “on demand or genie” God, where because I pray my requests are granted, but He is always there to love me and rovide strength through the good and the bad. It’s a struggle not to worry, not to be anxious but I think I feel fear less and less, and I am feeling trust in God more and more….if that makes sense.

    • Thanks for sharing, Neuyogi. I’m sorry that you’re going through a personal challenge and I pray that you would go through this situation with grace and more strength than you ever imagined possible.

      I love this: “He is always there to love me and provide strength through the good and the bad.”. It’s what I’ve been learning too: we can endure all things because God never leaves us or forsakes us. The more I focus on the fact that God is good and that sometimes we have to go through things that we don’t understand, the more at peace I feel, which helps with the anxiety and fear. Hugs to you!

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