Thankful Thursday – 5.0 (because it’s got to still be Thursday somewhere

I’m late with my thankfulness this week, but that’s ok because I can be thankful any day of the week: Thursday was selected pretty arbitrarily. God knows that I am thankful for:

  1. The unseasonably warm weather! It was above zero degrees today and all this snow is melting!
  2. My sister. I really don’t show her often enough that I love her. I do try though! We’re going to the movies today, with another pair of sisters and some other friends.
  3. Emma, a regular commenter on one of my blogs. She has a way of commenting that makes me wonder how she knows how to say exactly what I need to hear. She’s a constant positive force in my life.
  4. The unexpected treasure I found at the gas station.
  5. The upcoming long weekend! Hurray!

7 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday – 5.0 (because it’s got to still be Thursday somewhere

  1. Unexpected treasure the gas station.. Thats really sthng to be grateful for… those chaps are generally out to grab as much of one's money as possible.. not provide a suprise….lol

  2. interesting

    I was also wondering what the 'unepected treasure' is.

    Thankful to God on your behalf.

    and I should show more love to my sister too.

    Planning for my thankful tuesdays too…………

  3. Hmmmn "unexpected treasure" now my curiousity has been piqued!…you gotta spill this gist…

    I'm thankful for you too…Happy Valentine's day!!!

  4. Like sting, i'm curious too! What could that treasure be?

    Your thankfulness will continue to cause the blessing to rest upon you!


  5. Happy Happy Valentino to you. I always love your thankful post, thanks is the way to go everyday.don't keep us in suspense with the treasure you found in the gas station. I really want to know. Wishing you a blessed weekend today.


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