Thankful Thursday Monday

This is the latest Thankful Thursday (clearly I use the latter term loosely) entry I’ve every posted. I had good weekend: it involved some socializing with friends but unfortunately an interaction has left me feeling very unsisterly and wishing I hadn’t decided to spend the day (and sleep over) at my parents’ place on Sunday. I did pray to God about the situation but I have not found peace yet. I know this will come soon though, so I am thankful for that!

I’m also thankful:

  • for the almost spring-like weather. I think I’ll be thanking God for the weather until all this snow melts.
  • that I feel safe. It’s a real gift to be able to go out and come home late at night and not be afraid, even when all is quiet around me and it seems like I’m the only one awake on the whole street. This doesn’t mean I’ll behave recklessly, of course.
  • that I’ll be going camping with my sister and friends this summer. I booked the campsite this week; it just so happens it’ll be during my birthday weekend. We’re going to the same place as last year and it’ll be the fourth year in a row that this group of five (six this year) goes and I’m really looking forward to it.
  • for the power of a kind word. Have you ever been the recipient of unexpected kind words? A month or so ago, I was at a grocery store, just buying a few things, and the cashier said she liked my hair. I hadn’t done anything special to it (I wear my hair relaxed) but her compliment made my day since it was so unexpected. Yesterday, while waiting for my turn at another store, I noticed and really liked the cashier’s hair colour so I told her so as she was putting my purchases through the cash register. Her reaction was very much like mine earlier: surprise at the unexpectedness of the comment and then a genuine smile. Try it!

I had a great time on Saturday taking part in the Big Size = Big Dating Problem? show on Verastically Speakin’ and I’m so thankful to all those people who told me they listened to the show. There was great discussion (as usual!) on the topic and the message that kept coming back was that confidence is key, there’s someone out there who will like your body and while it’s ok to have a few extra pounds, being obese is not cool.

Most guys who called in said they wouldn’t mind dating a bigger girl but like I said on the show, no guy on blogsville is going to say otherwise and risk the the ire of blogsville’s citizens! I may one day put up an poll with pictures of women in a variety of sizes and ask men to vote on who is too big for them to date. I’m hoping the anonymous poll would allow them vote in a way that supports my hypothesis.

If you want to listen to the show, you can click below.

Have a great week everyone; wishing you success in all your of your plans.

13 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday Monday

  1. Its good to give thanks to God. Thank God for the weather, safety and for the power of words. I think will try that more often.

    The show was great. Did not listen live but I did after the show.

  2. I downloaded the episode yesterday and listened to and from work. I liked how u emphasized health. I think it was a very interesting show and i agree that most guys wouldn't really say what's on their mind abt that issue. My brother is very vocal about his feelings and he calls himself a fatist. He has actually said he'll divorce his wife if she gets fat and refuses to lose the weight. He is very active, so he has an 8 pack and muscles all over. I don't think that guy has any fat on his body.

    I don't know if he would have been so vocal if he had called the show. Although as bad as he is, he's the first to reassure me that i'm not fat and should stop complaining about my weight. Then he comes home randomly and says, this should make u feel better "I saw so and so chic and she had the huge belly and rolls hanging from her jeans blah blah". He's bad but his justification is he works hard to stay active so y should he be with someone who doesn't. As we know, life doesn't work like that.

    I think i should start doing the thankful Thursday. It might help me keep things in perspective.

  3. I'm so lost. . . Anyway I'll tweak up my schedule later to keep up to date with happenings here. . . The articles are pretty impressive and I'm happy I stopped by.

  4. I'm thankful for the oportunity to be thankful….. lol @ the show.. Everyone has preferences, its just another preference people have…

  5. Been seeing a lot of these "Thankful Monday" posts, I have to implement one too – such a cool idea. I feel the exact same way on #1,2 and 4!! I can't stop smiling at the thought of warm weather. And I can't help being so thankful that I am safe – especially with all the crazy stories from Naija I've been hearing.. And kind words are totally underrated!!

    Thankful for the opportunity to write and be me!:)!

  6. :) looking forward to the anonymous poll…My hunch is the results will be surprising, but perhaps not in the way that most people would think :)

  7. Thank God for kind words, they can turn around a bitter situation.

    I'm thankful for everything you're thankful for!

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