Thankful Thursday – protection and celebration

  1. I thank God for protecting my mom and sister during their three weeks’ stay in Nigeria (they returned this past Monday). I’m thankful that their health was not compromised during the trip; things can change so quickly so I don’t take any of this for granted! I’m also thankful that the four of us who remained in Canada are all fine too (the only mishap I’m aware of is partial flooding of part of my parents’ house, but that is being taken care of).
  2. My dad celebrated his birthday yesterday and I’m thankful that he reached another milestone. He’s an incredible man and even though our relationship isn’t perfect, I’m glad he’s my dad.
  3. I’m so thankful my friend and her husband were not injured in the car accident they were in last week (hit by a careless driver). The car was totaled but their lives were spared. They just got married in June too! It’s sobering to think once again of how quickly things can change and a careless move can ruin (or take) someone’s life. This is a good reminder to be alert when you’re behind the wheel (and even when you’re not!).
  4. I’m happy for the milestones my friends have recently celebrated: Amanda got engaged, Deola and her husband moved into their own place, and Ves got a new job with a great company!
  5. This may sound silly but I’m so glad none of my colleagues are allergic to peanut butter! This occurred to me because I rediscovered my love for peanut butter earlier this year and I know in some workplaces (like my sister’s former one) you can’t bring peanut butter around because it could kill someone…literally. So I’m being selfish but I’m thankful!
  6. I’m thankful for the love lessons I’ve learned because I know they will make me a better girlfriend and wife (can’t wait!). The sleepless nights I’ve been experiencing will soon be a distant memory and I can’t wait for that either!
  7. And the best for the last: I’m thankful that my sister had her introduction about three weeks ago! Woohoo! I really like the guy in her life and I hope you’ll join me in wishing them God’s blessings. Their story is a testament to the fact that my matchmaking great-aunt and a long distance relationship can lead to a very good thing! My sister’s agreed to be interviewed for the Love and Learn series so I’m excited about that too!

What are you thankful for this week?

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