Thankful Thursday – the “ko le baje” edition

This week I’m thanking God for:

  • allowing the three people closest to me who needed to get the swine flu vaccine to get them, and in two of the three cases it really was a case of divine favour. I was seriously saying “Thank God!” when I heard how it came about.
  • Favoured Girl, and the way she regularly inspires me. We don’t talk often but every time we do I leave the conversation feeling so pumped and capable of doing anything. You can tell that God is at the centre of her life, and it’s great to see. She has a way of turning anything negative that I mention into stepping stones for a better me! Slowly but surely I’ll start thinking that way all on my own. I can’t wait!
  • phone cards. I have been using them in alarming quantity lately and it’s far more economical than using my cell phone.
  • sales on Halloween candy. Um, not that I bought any or anything.
  • being able to take advantage of Oprah’s Payless offer where for a period of almost 48 hours, everything in the store was 50% off. I bought 5 wallets/clutches (some will be gifts when I go to Nigeria next), six pairs of shoes, two pairs of earrings and a necklace and it was all half of the original price! The best part is that if it wasn’t for twitter I would have missed the whole thing: one of my tweetie pies was talking about being in line at the shoe store and I followed that tweet until I found the starting point and discovered the coupon and the rest was history! I managed to hit three locations of the store in an hour and 15 minutes…woman on a mission.
  • my new oga, who was recently promoted to this role. She seems to genuinely care about me, and sometimes our conversations are so casual and relaxed that I have to remind myself that she’s still my boss. Anyway, I really thing things are going to work out well.

Check out this video, shared with me by mineexclusively. Ko le baje is the name of the song, which is Yoruba for um…“It will not go bad?” “It won’t spoil?” “It won’t be destroyed”, and it’s referring to God’s work in our lives. I seriously think music is one of the best way to preach or share about God with anyone, and it’s great that there are artists out there that are singing about God with such joy in their voices. Anyway, the song is a great reminder for anyone who is feeling like their efforts so far in this life have been fruitless, and that there’s no chance of that changing. If you have been comparing your accomplishments to those of family, friends, colleagues or stars on tv and coming up short, stop it! You aren’t in competition with them, and your own time to shine will come; just keep working toward it (PS I’m totally preaching to myself here!).

I dare you to not get the chorus in your head!

20 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday – the “ko le baje” edition

  1. i almost sent you this song yesterday… but didnt know if you'd really be interested… anyways I've been rocking this since yesterday… before that… I was really digging Hallelujah…

  2. That aws real bargain.. all that for half the price..noe that is something to be thankful

    Love the admonishment in your last paragragh…..never compare yourself with others..your time to shine will come….thank you for that

  3. Nice song, I love the hook and see how she was rocking those ankara outfits. Lara George is doing well, did you see her Ijoba Orun? Great song too.

  4. thank u so much gng I needed to hear that….im not in competition with own time will come…u don't know how much that means to me this morning….. dang I miss the payless sale!

  5. Na so ppl dey take know who be their friend and who no be their friend… Ahn ahnGNG it was after that u had finished doing ur shoppin dat u now informed us dat oprah had a thing @ payless?

    I didn't hear about it o, why wasn't this thing promoted…

  6. Btw, wat is up with ppl fearin 2 get the swine flu shot? honestly it's crazy… It's a vaccine, everyone should try to get it.

  7. What a nice list! Thank God for you GNG, you're such a lovable and lovely person!

    Ok, so am i getting any of those things when you come to Naija? Wait o, that's stilla long

  8. â–ºHarry

    Thanks! There's always something to be thankful for.

    â–ºDiAmOnD hawk

    Of course I'd be interested! Don't hesitate to send me similar songs in the future o…mi o fe binu si e. I'll have to check out Hallelujah.


    hehe, I love bargains, I just cannot lie.

    You're welcome! I'm always comparing myself too so I needed to hear those words just as much as anyone else did.


    Aww, sorry o! If only I had had a moment to blog it — I was too busy rushing to the store myself!

    â–ºms. O

    It's all gone now…between giving it away and gobbling it myself there's no more. Don't be mad :)

    â–ºMyne Whitman

    Yes, she did look good, didn't she? I heard Iboja Orun today and it's beautiful too…I have to listen to it again.


    Aww, I'm happy to help. You will definitely make it!


    Glad you liked the post my dear. I'm sure your sweetie deserves the loving :)


    lol don't be upset o! Like I told andrea, I rushed to the store the moment I heard; I didn't even take a moment to inform blogville. You're right sha: what kind of friend am I?

    I agree that it wasn't as well promoted as it could have been because I didn't hear about it until it was nearly over.

    Well, the fear of getting the vaccine (at least in Canada) is due to the fact that it contains an adjuvant, a substance that vaccines in Canada have never before contained. I do believe that vaccines in Europe have contained adjuvant for a while.


    Thank you! lol I'll see if I have a spare wallet by the time I come to Naija, but by then they might be out of style :)

  9. You have so much to be thankful for!!!

    I love the video and as you rightly predicted I am hooked on the chorus!!!

    I am thankful for GNG!!!

  10. Hi,

    nice blog ..I heard a lot of things about your blog …not so nice things though but I actually really like this post and some past ones. Also I must say well done for admitting that you are 30+ and just learnt how to cook stew.

    I really liked the song by Lara George … was really nice

    have a nice weekend dear

  11. Lovely post and yay I also took advantage of the lovely payless offer to get a few things, I was so happy I did:)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving comments I really appreciate it!

  12. â–ºNoLimit

    Thanks my dear lady…I hope you've been well!

    â–ºMiss FlyHigh

    Hey, thanks for visiting despite what you had heard. Glad you liked the posts you read.

    I had a great weekend; hope yours was great as well. Have a brilliant week!


    Oh good: someone else here took advantage of the deal…so I can point them towards you when they wonder why someone else didn't announce the sale on their blog. :)

    Awww, you're welcome! I appreciate your comments on my blog too.


    Amen!! Thanks for the link to your blog; I'll be checking it and your new consulting site when it goes live!

  13. Awww thanks for the mention sweetie! I just thought to drop by your blog this afternoon and I saw this. I am so humbled :-)

    I'm thankful to God for you, you are such a sincere and honest person. You are very humble and you radiate warmth. I really believe you've got a wonderful mind and a beautiful heart, and of course, a brighter future ahead of you.

    Yay for your shopping spree! I see you are already taking steps to the new fabulous you.

    And I'm loving that song too.

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