Thankful Thursday tweets

I don’t always post my Thankful posts on Thursday but as of last Thursday, I’m going to tweet them on Thursday! Look for thankful tweets between 11:00am and 4:00pm EST — my goal is to share at least one thing that I’m thankful for each hour. I hope you’ll join in the fun. You can find me on twitter tweeting as @goodnaijagirl (no surprise!).

The one huge thing I’m thankful for this week is the gorgeous weather! In a city where the temperature is usually hovering close to zero degrees at this time of the year, it’s amazing to have temperatures that are 20 degrees above zero. Maybe I should be worrying about global warming but for now I’m loving this weather.

4 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday tweets

  1. Yeah I saw your tweets. There's so much to be thankful for. Like you, I am also thankful for the weather. It has been rather hot and humid around these parts with power supply at an all time low but then we got blessed with rainfall and the weather's a lot cooler now.

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