Thankful Thursdays – 2.0

Another Thursday, another day to be thankful for the blessings in my life. I’m pretty new at this but am I the only one doing this who has to make sure that her gratefulness doesn’t contain some negativity too? For example saying “I’m thankful that my pants fit less snugly but they’re so worn out”? (I wish this was my problem o!) Anyways, without further ado, let’s go:

  1. Although they have only ever spent six weeks of their entire lives in Nigeria, my two brothers (aged 20 and 22) have really embraced some of the Nigerian artists I’ve been playing since we got back from Nigeria and that makes me happy. I hope they’ll come with me on my next trip to Nigeria.
  2. Making friends with with two women on blogville. They’re really great.
  3. Life. An oyinbo blogger friend that I have known for a long time (five years?) lost her father this week. I feel for her so much, because her relationship with her parents was a close one, like mine with my parents. I cannot imagine how she’s feeling.
  4. My laptop, aka my new best friend. Maybe I’ll have a one month birthday party for her. She’s navy blue yet I nicknamed her Ruby.
  5. My stubborness, which means that I never give up on things (as long as I’m determined to do it sha). I always feel such a deep sense of satisfaction when I figure out something that I’ve spent hours working on.
  6. My latest creative endeavour, which is challenging my creativity in a good way and occupying my time, time that should be spent sleeping!

18 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays – 2.0

  1. Pele o for the friend who lost her dad, may God grant her peace. I can imagine the pain

    Your laptop, music and everything creative to be thankful for. God is truly teaching us a lot of lessons through this thankful post. Hope all is well with you.

  2. nawa o..i havent been getting any notification that you have updated…i wonder why???

    sweetie, we are meant to be thankful IN all things not FOR all things. so u r in order ;)

    so sorry about your friend.

  3. Babe I'm going with Aloted on this one…we need to be thankful even in the midst of negativities…

    Those two women you mentioned are simply fabulous…I sure am thankful tew…

  4. sorry bout ur friend's father..

    i love the name, ruby! im also grateful for a new, not new exactly tho, my older sis did a hand-me-down..but yea!

    i really dont see being stubborn as negative, i see it as determination..

  5. Thank you for the condelences on my friend's behalf. She is amazingly well adjusted. She said that he could have died 10 years ago so she's grateful that they had these past 10 years together.


    I'm stubborn…sometimes, perhaps often even!


    Awww, give relationships more of a chance now!

    â–ºfunms-the rebirth

    I think that kind of determination can come in handy, but I guess knowing when you need a change of scenery (by switching to something else) is key too.

    â–ºDanny Bagucci

    hehehee ;)


    Thank you and will do!


    Congrats on your Missy!

    â–ºabidemi oderinlo

    Thank you o! You're kind.


    And I'm sure your blogville friends thank God for you!


    All is well. I'm glad I've gotten to know you a bit through your blog!


    My sista, where have you been? Thanks for the compliment on my work o!


    I was wondering if you had boycotted my blog ;)


    You're one of my fave bloggers so I am thankful for you!


    Thank you so much.


    Congrats on your new laptop!


    Thank you.


    Hey…and hand-me-down still means it's new to you. Congrats!

    I guess as long as you're not stubborn without being realistic, it's ok.

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