Thankful Thursdays – 3.0

It’s another Thursday and I would like to give thanks to God for the following:

  1. The smoothness of yesterday. I woke up, left home, traffic moved so nicely that I got to work early. The elevator taking me up to the 15th floor normally takes a long time to arrive, and then stops on many floors along the way but today it didn’t: it brought me smoothly to my floor. Then we had a visitor to the office who paid for lunch for all of us. The drive home was equally uneventful, despite the really awful driving conditions and what would be a 30 minute commute was two hours long but I still had a good time.
  2. Facebook (NoLimit thanked God for this on Saturday, and I have to echo it). I was recently found by someone who knew me in the three years that I lived in Nigeria (between 1982 and 1985). He’s a relative, and he’s only two years older than I am but he can remember me! Mind boggling, since I have no recollection of him. We have been having a marvelous time reconnecting (or meeting anew in my case) and it has been fun. He’s the big brother I never had and we have such fun exchanging yabs with one another.
  3. My sister. We have our moments regularly (something to do with the fact that she is a morning person who wants to talk and I’m 100% not), but I love that kid. She knows me better than anyone, even friends that I spend more time with, and she makes me laugh like none other. She’s also got a remarkable super power of figuring out when I have a crush on a guy before I’ve told anyone (I always deny it sha).
  4. My close friends (who happen to be husband and wife). They know me really well too and they spoil the crap out of me. I’m not sure why they like me sha, but I don’t want to give them cause to question it. I’ll be seeing them and their adorable boy tonight.
  5. My sexy camera. I don’t know how to use one quarter of its functions yet, but I’m learning slowly and one day soon I hope to be sharing pictures from it regularly.
  6. My parents’ example of what a loving and solid marriage should be like. They’ve been married for 32 years and counting and they are still so playful with one another. They truly complement one another and they talk to one another. They aren’t afraid to share their opinions with one another and they have seen each other through sickness and health. Their love is touching to see, and inspiring too. I can never settle for less because of their example!

I hope you have some things to be thankful for today.

25 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays – 3.0

  1. I pray for teh kind of relationship your parents have. I pray for someone that i will always have fun even as the years go by. Such things these days are rare

  2. Loads of stuff to be thankful for.. Particularly canrelate with the long-term parents thing… My kid bro and I have more fights than my parents do after just over 30 years of marriage…

  3. This is so beautiful. Gratitude is a beautiful thing. I planned to get a gratitude journal at the beginning of this year but never got round to it…

    I think its beautiful that your parents have been married for so long…it's a rare thing to come by. Oi you got your camera?? I'm so jealous….I remember when we were both talking about getting one and were asking Onada about details and stuff…which one did u end up getting?

  4. Looking at our parents marriage gives me hope…my parents are friends and sit every evening gisting and laughing outside the house…

    I hope I get the same…

  5. Congrats to your sweet parents…I was like aww aww. Anyways how are you doing? I love the list, so cutie. Keep being thankful and God will grant you all your wish.

  6. I should go back to my Ten Things Tuesdays. WHAT CAMERA WHAT CAMERA I WANT I WANT!!!!!!!!!
    Thank God for meeting you! You are a spice to a part of my thinking! Don’t bother to ask any further questions

  7. Sexy wah oh. I feel you on the last one. I am thankful for my parents too and much more. I only hope to have like what they have going for them

  8. aww, this was nice to read, particularly the part about your parents.

    How is your grandma? The entrepreneur back home? You know I look up to her right?

    Take care!

  9. â–ºBeulah!

    Congrats on your first place status! My parents' marriage is certainly worth thanking God for.


    No can do, my dear. You're too busy to use it anyway…right?


    Life…I am thankful for it too! And thank you for enjoying my blog.


    It's easy to take life for granted but I'm glad you do not.

    â–ºM Siku

    I pray you get all that you wish for. You're right that it's rare…which makes it that much more precious.

    â–ºDanny Bagucci

    I'm glad you have parents with a great union worth celebrating!


    Is someone with the nickname miz-cynic allowed to get that enthusiastic? ;)


    It sure is! If you can't be thankful for little, you may not know how to appreciate plenty?


    It's not too late to start the gratitude journal. I think this is such a positive thing as I find myself looking for things to be thankful for in anticipation of my Thursday entry.

    Yes, I remember us asking Onada for camera tips too. I ended up getting the Canon Rebel XSi. I'm still learning my way around it.


    I hope you get the same too…a hilarious woman like you cannot be with a humourless fellow anyway…


    I'm doing great, inspiring one! Thanks for the message…I'll keep being grateful and we'll see what will happen.

    â–ºSeye Kuyinu

    Yes o, find the time to write your Ten Things Tuesday. It has a way of giving you lots of perspective.

    I got this camera.

    I am so glad that I got to meet you too! Now we just have to meet in person!

    â–ºFemi B

    Welcome back, comedienne extraordinaire!

    You will have what your parents have in Jesus' name.

    â–ºamaka okoro

    Thank you.


    Thank you and my grandma is fine! I appreciate your remembering and asking after her…love that! You take care too.

  10. Really inspired by your parents, I pray to have that kind of of friends even till old age

    and I like your goals for the month, I would try to see if I can do that monthly

  11. â–ºNolimit

    Thanks! I think they are pretty swell too.


    Thank you, thank you!


    I got the Canon Rebel XSi!


    I pray you have that kind of relationship too! Shall I check and see if you've set goals for the month too? :)

  12. It was good to read up on the things you are thankful about.

    It really does help to put things in perspective and appreciate what really matters.

    Now I'm in the "appreciating" mood!

  13. â–ºtobenna

    That's great! Whether you write it down or just think it or thank God for it, it's great to be in a thankful and appreciative mood!

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