Thankful Thursdays – 4.0

Another wonderful day and you better believe I have things to be thankful for!

  1. The bus strike is over!
    The strike officially ended last Friday, on day 51. However the buses will not start running until February 7, which would actually be day 59. And the buses won’t actually be running during those peak periods, which is when I’d need it to get to work so really, the strike still lingers. But a return to full service is in sight! and that is what I am thankful for today!
  2. The kindness of strangers
    I have a business idea up my sleeve (way up my sleeve sha; I have no idea if it’ll appear in 2009 sef) and I have been emailing people who are doing similar things and doing it well for some pointers and guess what? They have been so helpful! It’s really great to talk to people who are not afraid to say “This is what helped me and I will share it with you!”. In the past I have encountered people who are so afraid that you’ll become “the competition” that they don’t want to help you out. In fact, dare I say some Nigerians in particular have this mindset (my own specific example to come)? What people with that mindset don’t realize is that there is enough business for everyone! And each business owner handles things differently, which means that different people will be drawn to you anyway. If you have expertise to share, don’t be afraid to share it and use it to help others. You will be richly rewarded!
  3. My job
    Although I fantasize regularly about not having to work, I am very grateful for my employed status. Having a job has allowed me to do lots of wonderful things, the most exciting of which is purchase a wee place for myself! I’m pretty excited about my upcoming move and having this job has certainly played a huge role in making this happen.
  4. My mother
    This woman is amazing. I really cannot praise or lift her high enough. I would honestly do anything for her, even maintain my single status forever, if that is what is required for her to live to the ripe old age of 100 (or beyond!) in good health. She has some fairly serious health challenges, but you would not know it to look at her. I literally tear up any time I think of what she goes through every day without complaint. In fact the family friend we have been driving to work because of the bus strike told me last week that she had no idea my mom was dealing with one particular serious condition. I am continually amazed by her strength and please, if you are a praying person, pray for her continued health and strength. You have prayed before and I really appreciate it. This woman is amazing and deserves only good things to happen to her.
  5. Olamild‘s parable. It starts here and the conclusion is here. I am guilty of forcing myself out of bed for work at the early hour of 7am but when it comes to waking up for church at 9am, I can’t seem to do it consistently. Where are my priorities? I really encourage you to read both parts of this message from Olamild and examine your priorities.

I am grateful to God for these blessings and more, and hope that you have many things in your own life to give thanks to God for.

14 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays – 4.0

  1. I am thankful too…I presume I've said it before…but I'll say it again…your mum is amazing!!!

    May God grant her long life and good health till she's 100 and beyond and no you won't need to be single for that to happen…gal you're sooo getting hooked!!!

  2. I miss thankful post. You actually got a place, wow you are really blessed this year 2009. I wish I had my own place too. lol Thankful for your job o in this trying economy where millions are loosing their jobs. God has been great. Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. what a great idea with thankful thursdays. I love your positivity. Your mother must be an amazing and strong woman. My prayers go out for her.

  4. I must say Ola'd parrable got me real good….

    yes nigerians have an annoying mindset to business, they like seeing you struggle when they have the answers up their sleeves…they will just smile and tell u to take it easy…

    Love ur mum to death…more than u sef…God will give her the strenght babes..

  5. Hi goodnaijagirl,

    Just stumbled onto your blog and I must say its very interesting! I see that we live in the same city, and I too am glad the strike is over! However, I believe we have Obama's upcoming visit to thank for that. You know if he wasn't coming in a few weeks the damn strike would still be going on :P. Anyways, keep up the good work and have faith that your mom will get better!

  6. Praying that God would hela your mum, renew her body and keep her so she would live to see all her children's children

    and you won't have to stay single, rather God would multiply blessings in your family……………………..

  7. goodnaijagirl you don by house? Congrats ooh. E be like say you don reach baller status now.

  8. *corrected type* goodnaijagirl you don buy house? Congrats ooh. E be like say you don reach baller status now.

  9. corrected typo :)* goodnaijagirl you don buy house? Congrats ooh. E be like say you don reach baller status now.

  10. â–ºNoLimit

    Amen and AMEN! Thank you.


    I had a great weekend, thank you, and I am really blessed.


    My mom is pretty amazing…I brag about her a lot sef. Thank you for your prayers.


    Lol you this girl, you sure crack me up! Good thing I agree that my mom rocks.

    And I'm glad you're backing me up on this business mindset you see among our people: not all of them sha but some.


    AMEN! Thank you.


    These really are hard times. It's amazing how untouched those closest to me have been; it's certainly something to thank God for.


    Thanks! Baller ke? Oh no, not even close.

    lol third time is the charm abi?


    Love the creativity in your blog's name!

    And yes, I am SO THANKFUL for life.


    AMEN…she's awesome and I do appreciate the love.


    In all things… that's the part that's easy to forget. It's easy to be grateful when things are going well but remembering to thank God for things, even the little things, when everything seems upside down, that can be the real challenge. Have a great week and welcome!

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