Thankful Thursdays – 6.0

  1. Monday of this week was a holiday, a new one that was introduced in our province last year. It’s called Family Day and I am just glad we have a break in February now! Winter can be so long where I live so it’s lovely to have a day off!
  2. The things I was able to trade last week’s unexpected treasure found in the gas station for. The story behind the treasure is that I stopped to buy gas for the car on my way home from my friends’ house and when I went in to pay, I found $30 on the floor in front of me. A guy had just exited the store as I was entering so I ran after him (the gas station attendant probably wondered if I’d be coming back to pay for my gas) and asked if he had lost some money. He said “probably” and I asked how much money he had lost. He say “Uh, $5?” and I said “Nope!” and went back into the gas station. There was nobody else to ask so the treasure was mine.
  3. Hope. As long as we’re alive hope is alive! If you’re going through something or waiting (im)patiently for something, don’t give up! The desires of your heart could be satisfied much sooner than you think. Something hard for me that you should also do is take these hopes and desires to the Lord in prayer! Nothing is too little or minor for him to care about: if it matters to you, it matters to Him.
  4. Friends who are not afraid to nag you when it’s needed. I have a friend who has been bugging me to make good on a promise I made and I’m glad she reminds me of it (teasingly and in a friendly way) regularly. My ability to procrastinate is legendary so I’m glad that I have someone to keep me on my toes. Sort of. We’ll see by tomorrow if her nagging and my promises to her were genuine.
  5. You (and your comments)! I have never had a blog where this many people read and participate so readily and it’s very lovely! Everyone is so supportive and respectful of other people’s differences while still being able to show love and express themselves. I love reading what people have to say and wish my full time job were simply responding to comments and dialoguing with people all day…it would be so great! Thank you so much for making this experience so great.

15 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays – 6.0

  1. I'm glad for the holiday, i love holidays!

    And for your treasure too! And yes i thank God for hope…i forgot to do my thankful Wednesday yesterday, can you imagine? Guess it will make next week's list

    And by the way, do i know this your nagging friend?

  2. I loved your third point. Everyone sometimes need to be reminded to be positive, sometimes its easy to forget. And I feel you on #5. Theres too little time to keep up with all the blogs, lol. Cool to hear about the 30 bucks, I was wondering what the treasure was, imagining some chest full of gold, lol.

  3. Wow!!! I’m loving #2 I gotta get me some “treasure” too!!!

    Blogville rocks with peops like you!!!no psyches!

    Can't wait for friday to get the gist of this "nagging friend of yours!!!

  4. Hmmm! I love the sound of holidays! Just kick back, get warm and watch me some classics! (giggle)

    Hope is so, so fundamental to life! Everyone should have even if just a little bit of it.

  5. love holidays too….. can't seem to get enuf of them it seems……Hope.. and Life that brings it are two of the most important things to be grateful for it seems….

  6. You're so right about hope, I'm waiting for something and I'm keeping hope alive and praying!!

    Lol @ Mr Probably…good on ya girl on picking up $30!!

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