Thankful Thursdays – the evening edition

It’s a rainy Thursday evening and I’m off to do something I’d usually decide not to do, due to the day of the week and the conditions outside: I’m going to dress up in my casual yet sexy (oxymoron?) finest and go to what has been dubbed African Nite. I am determined that 2009 will have me spending more time out, participating in things that are going on in the city. Despite the fact that this event will likely be overrun by university kids, the music is supposed to be excellent. It doesn’t have to do much to top the events of two weeks ago, so let’s hope it delivers.

As usual, this week has given me a lot to be thankful for:

  1. I’m grateful for my friend Oya. I met her through this blog and she has turned out to be a great friend. She has a quality I really treasure in friends: she asks me about things that were in progress or that I mentioned the last time we talked. It might seem like a little thing but when I tell someone that I’m trying a new shampoo or that my family member is ill and the next time I see them they remember and ask about it, it makes me feel special. She also forces encourages me to step outside my comfort zone, which is good.
  2. Another friend that I met elsewhere online, C, surprised me today by sending me a copy of The Mrs. Club! I met her last year and she was telling me about the book and mentioned that she enjoyed it, so I asked if I could borrow her copy. She said she’d send it to me but she forgot. I reminded her and she bought me my own copy and had it delivered to me! I was so touched by that very unexpected gesture: I was expecting a loan and instead I received a gift. So kind!
  3. One of my ogas at work. She actually drives me insane, and for obvious reasons I can’t get into it but she is very caring and loving, and has shown genuine interest in and care for my family members time and time again. Every time I vent about my frustrations concerning her something happens that makes me remember to see the very good side of her, which is much bigger than the bad side.
  4. Books! A lot of us bloggers are avid readers and I’m no exception. I used to read a lot of fiction but as I’ve gotten older my focus has changed to self improvement, and as a result I’ve been reading books that are more practical than entertaining. I am so grateful for the ability to read and learn from what I read.
  5. The health care system in Canada. I am so blessed that when I feel sick, I can go to a doctor without wondering if I can afford the appointment or afford to treat any resulting diagnosis. It’s great that once a year I can go for a physical exam and all those important things can be checked out and any problems identified and corrected before it’s too late. I know this is a huge blessing and as a result I try to never miss my annual appointments.

When I first started sharing things that I was grateful for, I didn’t think I’d be able to be as consistent as I’ve been. But what I’ve found is I now think about what each week’s list will consist of earlier in the week, and I welcome an opportunity to think of all that I have been blessed with. It sure is better than focusing on the bad in life, and it’s a step in becoming a more positive person who focuses on the good rather than the bad in her life. Try it — it can be in a private journal that only you see or on your blog. I don’t think you’ll regret it!

28 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays – the evening edition

  1. yeh, i want to read that book- Mrs Club.

    As for health care- that is one thing i miss about the UK. I'm a temp staff here in the US and do not have insurance. :(

    What i meant to say is- I really like these your thankful blogs.

  2. I really like your thankful blogs too…maybe i'll borrow a "leaf from your book" and do the same…

  3. GNG I see say you don become chief party girl. Anyway, just keep in mind if it's an African even it will run on African time.

    What? You can go see the doctor without worrying about being able to afford it? I'm moving to Canada.

    I like your thankful Thursday's. It inspires me to also review the things I'm thankful about.

    Looks like you and I share the same boss.

  4. im also thankful for good friends and yes BOOKS…….. gosh i could be stolen with books, and like tigeress, i miss the UK cuz of the health system. When i first got here, i was really sick and had to go to the hospital without insurance, it cost me a whole lot

  5. Good friends who care enuf to do the little stuff for us, Ogas at work (at least u've still got work) and health —- priceless things to be thankful for! Thanks for sharing…

  6. Ha………….How was the African nite?

    I hope you enjoyed yourself.

    Thankful to God on your behalf, and I must say you have really tried, keeping up with the thankful Thursdays!

    Thank God for friends like Oya, and for people like C.

    So, GNG, I could also hint you that I like a particular book..or …jewelry…and as a good blog friend, learning from good people like C…you would em…em..em….just send me my own 'copy'…and I would ( I promise you) do a thankful 'day' post!

    Lovely weekend dear.

  7. Funny thing, I started off reading practical stuff. I read self-help books all through my teens till I got jaded. Now I can't seem to read more than a few pages of any. So I read fiction.

    I'm thankful for yet another second chance

  8. Don't we just love thankyou post…thankful for you as a great blogger. I didn't know you stayed in Canada, serious thought you were in the states

  9. Nice..Its always good to be thankful for everything…Thats what i've learnt..

    Good friends are priceless..Keep them close. and keep me

    Later Sweetie


  10. I will try it..Have been planning to for a while just haven't had time. Iknow that's a bad excuse so I am actually going to get on it next week mos def.

    I am also so grateful for the healthcare system I have. It's great and a rare commodity to have those services if you look on a global basis. And books!

    I also know what you mean about friends that remember the little details. Friends who don't really remember things aren't that good friends I think (?)

    Thank you for your comment on my blog :) I'll respond there now.

  11. How was African Nite!!!! I was too tired to come out…my rommate did tho…I LOL at her recount of the expericence! I am also thankful for the healthcare system here! Have a fab weekend. Ill tell you the events worth going in Ottawa….next time..:)

  12. â–ºBibi

    You better! Pick a day that works for you and do it!


    Thanks o! It helps to ground me I think…makes me think of the good in this life.

    Aww, pele. I watched a documentary on health care and the UK has it better than Canada and USA was worse than Canada so I can only imagine how frustrating it is.

    â–ºRepressed One

    Yes, do. Even if you just write it on a paper journal and have it there to review.


    Long time! I was trying to be a party girl but I was disappointed (again!). I should have kept that African time thing in mind sha.

    Canada needs more niceguys so come on over!

    â–ºfunms-the rebirth

    Aww, pele about the high cost of getting treatment :(

    I'm glad you've got things to be thankful for!


    I emailed you. When I will I learn? lol


    You got it! Thanks for your comment.


    How was the African nite? Well I will save that for another entry but it was disappointing! I did have fun with my friend though.

    LOL! You this girl you make me laugh o!

    Have a great weekend too!


    Ah, we are opposites in the book reading department it would seem!

    I'm glad you received this second chance. Hope all goes well.


    You said it because it's SO EASY to focus on what my life lacks!


    Thank you…have a great weekend!


    We love them o! And thank you! I think you're an awesome blogger too (and I read your interview on Scentified – I like your goals!).


    Oh nice! I'll have to make some time to devour the book then.

    PS – You didn't miss anything last night…grrr!


    You are right. lol at keep you closer. Shey you are declaring that you're the enemy? ;)


    We have busy lives, but I do hope you find an opportunity to list the things you're grateful for. It'll bless you!

    Oh, I'll go read what you have to say in response to my epistle!

    â–ºMs. O

    No joke o: I will email you before I attend any event here jare.

  13. GNG, I am thankful with you.

    Canada has one of the best healthcare systems and they have been trying to make the US tag along, but we shall see.

    I feel you on the grateful blog; I took a leaf from you, aloted and writefreak and like you said, it makes you see the bright side of things, even when things aroung you are blue

  14. Blogsphere has really provided immense opportunity and friendship. I am glad for that.

    I like the way you remember how loving and caring your boss is anytime she gets on your nerves. I am taking a clue from this

  15. â–ºnaijagirl

    I'm glad you're enjoying giving thanks.


    Aww, thanks girl! Congrats on your NBA win, too!

    â–ºStandtall-The Activist

    The blogging community really has led to friendships we could not have otherwise had…it's great!

    Thanks…if I didn't think of the good, I may have been tempted to do something I'd regret! :)

  16. I'm grateful for the healthcare system in Canada too and I don't even live there! I think it's wonderful though.

    Meanwhile I think I'll start doing the thankful thing as well…Counting one's blessings can be so helpful when you feel like you're in a bad place.

    Have a wonderful weekend dear!

  17. I am really grateful for the health care system here in the uk too…That is one of my major concerns with moving back to naija..

    Heard the Mrs Club is a really good read…haven't read it yet…

  18. It's a tough world out there. I'm grateful for this quote in times like these…"Just to be is a blessing, just to live is holy."

  19. â–ºLolia

    It really is wonderful. I don't take it for granted. I hope you will start the thankfulness posts…they are great.

    I had a good weekend…hope yours was good too!


    Are you planning on moving back any time soon?

    The book will be next on my list of to-read books.

    â–ºStandtall-The Activist


    â–ºBlanche truffle

    I love romance too! Thanks for commenting!


    What a beautiful quote…thank you for sharing it!

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