Thankful Thursdays

Well I’ve joined the bandwagon, but this is a good one to join. Aloted Babe does it on Tuesdays, and Writefreak it on Wednesdays, which leaves Thursdays for me to be thankful for all the blessings in my life.

God has been good, and even though I can always think of something to complain about, the blessings in my life are many, much more than the things that I complain about. I hope to make this a weekly listing but my track record with doing things longterm could use some work…perhaps that will be something to be thankful for later this year! My goal each week will be to share some thing that I am thankful for, and most of the time my focus will be on those little things that are easy to overlook.

Today I am thankful for…

Being able to eat breakfast at work
We have a little kitchen here so I buy milk and store it in the fridge and buy cereal too and I put the two together at work. It saves me some time in the morning, especially since I love to sleep in!

That my parents got a second (almost 12-year-old) car two years ago
Our city buses have been on strike for 37 days now so I would have been virtually unable to get to work if it wasn’t for our red car. My parents originally got the car so that us kids could learn to drive and it has served that purpose for me and now it is the reason I can get to work.

Morning people
My dad is a morning person: he wakes up so cheerful it’s annoying…but I’d be annoyed anyone or anything because I am not a morning person! He, a family friend and I (and sometimes my brothers) commute to work together because of this bus strike (37 days! Feels like a lifetime!) and I think my dad has decided that he’s going to try and cure Good Naija Girl of her Perpetual Bad Mood. He’s always cracking jokes and just chatting my head off in the mornnings. He says he does it so I don’t fall asleep at the wheel! That alone makes me laugh.

Underground parking at work
I work downtown, so parking here is extremely ridiculous (the cost, I mean). What I had been doing was parking at a colleague’s house and walking 20 minutes to work, but with the temperature dipping to 39 degrees below zero yesterday (yes! that’s minus 39 degrees! Celcius!), I needed a solution that was a bit closer to work (especially since they were warning people that it takes less than 10 minutes for frost bite to set in! I don’t have a death wish o!). Luckily someone with underground parking access at work is away and I’ve been able to use the parking pass all week.

Friendly building maintenance and cleaning staff
This is related to the one above. I’m using someone’s parking pass but if you stay at work past 6pm, the parking garage is closed so there’s no way to get out unless you have a key. It has happened to me twice now that I’ve stayed past 6pm but both times I have run into maintenance and cleaning staff who work in the building who have been kind enough to go and stand by the exit of the garage and put their key in to open the door for me.


I hope you have something to be thankful for today. Really, you don’t have to look too hard to find something!

(And yes, that blog birthday post is still coming. Let’s just pretend the blog is adopted and just found out its actual birthday wasn’t on the day it had been told it was all its life ok?)

(And if you want to ask me a question, you still can…post it over here please!)

20 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays

  1. Wow…minus what???

    And I thought it was freezing cold here at minus 7 abi na 10 them talk sef…

    Babe, so many things to thank God for…

  2. Nolimit does it on saturday as well..and I think Seye does it on Tuesdays as well (let me go and harass him to update)

    Wow..u have so much to be thankful for…good stuff!

    Don't worry, I will be here to harass u to do your thankful series…lol

  3. Guess we all have a lot to be thankful for.. Wonder how that -37 degrees feels like????? Minus 2 degree here has me prioritizng my movement outside my house.. LOL

  4. make una help me thank am

    i thank God o! i thank GOD

    though it my sound funny but i thank GOD that

    although i had to stay till 2:00 clock before eating lunch fast.. can't cal that breakfast.. it was still what i wanted to eat and i loved it. it was Iya Wasi's rice and spagetini

    and the biggest of all, i kinda got o! ha! why me this morning and somehow misplace my mp3 player on my way out this morning, but i think the messages that were on it were worth a zillion pounds you can download some on , i found it just as a bus was about to step on it where i bought the rice and spagethi…..

    Thank you Jesus for keeping your word intact for me to hear

  5. Hey , great to see you on the thankful wagon! Eni to ba mo inu ro lo ma mo ope da (meaning- if you know how to think well, you will know how to praise)…

    Wow, it's really cold there o, thank God for naija weather!

    Thank God for everything…He's a good God

  6. Girl the strike is killing me!!! I ahve to wake up extra early to get to school. I am soo mad at the workers…sigh! I a also thankful for any things! Enjoyed this post!

  7. Just came across ur page and I must say I'm getting inspired to start my own thankful Fridays….maybe. But I love this post and I'm thankful to God for everything….most especially for Him not letting me go even when I wasn't ready to walk with Him. God bless you and have a wonderful day.

  8. I like that you've seen these little things as something to be thankful for.

    We dont have to look far to count our blessings.

  9. I am thankful for my friends and the ability to make friends easily. I am thankful that i feel better today after a terrible day yesterday with my allergies. I am thankful for my mom. I am thankful that i amnt homeless in this weather. I am thankful for things that make me laugh.

  10. Aww sweetie, am so inlove with this post. too much to be thankful for. You sure did a great thing by incorporating the "Thankful post" to your blog. Much love. Have a fun weekend.

  11. I am thankful for the fact that you are thankful.

    The weather's been horrible here as well

    This has been the coldest of all winters for me

  12. … No words… that is some cold weather. I live in Seattle and it doesn't get that cold here but there are other things… Anyway, I am glad that so many have so much to thank God for because life is hard and the path is narrow towards righteousness… God Bless You All…

  13. @Afrobabe

    You read it correctly o! It's amazing that people can survive here and even learn to enjoy the cold weather and use all the snow and ice to their advantage!


    lol thanks for the harrassing in advance.

    @Danny Bagucci

    If you want to experience -37 I am sending you an invitation to Canada! Come on, you can handle it!

    @abidemi oderinlo

    Mmmm, I'm glad you enjoyed your late breakfast! I'm glad you found your mp3 player and when I have a moment I must check out that link. Thanks!


    Thanks! I'm happy to be joining the thankful wagon.

    I wish I could mail you some snow so you could experience it…and it would be great if you could mail me some of that Naija heat…

    @Ms O

    Eh ya! Do you live remotely close to school?


    Yes! This world can be so full of pessimism and negativity!


    I hope you start your thankful Fridays because this world could use more people thanking God for all he's done! Thanks for stopping by.


    So true!


    You are very thankful…those are great things to be thankful for too…I'm glad they are in your life.

    @funms-the rebirth

    It's been awful! Today is day 41, with no end in sight! But yes, there is still a lot to be thankful for!


    I had a great weekend and hope yours was ok too…which reminds me: I need to comment on one of your posts over the weekend.

    And health is such an important thing to be thankful for…without it, life can really stink!


    use this cold winter to learn to ski, skate or snowshoe :)

    Hopefully it hasn't been that cold sha…have a great week!

    @Amaka E

    Ah, Seattle…much milder weather there — enjoy it!

    Thank you for the blessings…have a great week!

  14. lol! I am thankful that I took the time to look over "underground parking at work" again.

    For some reason, I initially thought you wrote "undergrowth parting"

    Happy Inauguration Day to you (not that it is an official holiday or that it is celebrated in Canada), but I'm feeling a little happy. =)

  15. Soo, thats the background story for this Thursday thingy.

    I was getting worried.

    Thursdays of all the days in the week?

    Any day would do just fine, I guess.

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