Thankfully, it’s still Thursday

(Just imagine this entry was posted 23 and a half hours ago as I intended for it to be)

I really appreciate the comments that I received on the last entry, including those who mentioned that the problem really occurs when there is a lack of money because the man is lazy or lacks ambition or direction. I’ll let you know when I continue the discussion; since the majority of this blog’s readers are women, perhaps my other blog would be the place for that discussion (men are certainly welcome to join us there!).

Happy Thursday to you! I have missed my thankful Thursdays because I get lazy about appreciating big and small things happening in my life otherwise.

I am going skiing with work colleagues. It has been a while since last skied so I’m a bit scared, but I’m going to thank God ahead of time for ensuring I don’t have any nasty spills on the slopes. I will fall; that’s a guarantee. It’s just to make sure that I don’t suffer anything more serious than bruised pride :).

I’m thankful for my friends who are engaged and looking forward to being married this year—Sheri! Dee! A male friend who doesn’t read this blog (boo)! I love weddings and I’ve been asking the girls for wedding-related gist for weeks now (and they have been obliging). I won’t be able to attend Dee’s wedding since she’s doing it in Nigeria and refuses to include a plane ticket in her invitation to me…cheapo!

Three of my friends gave birth to babies in the last few months—the world has two more boys and one girl (who belongs to my friends who are new to Canada!).

I wanted to buy a new purse, but I didn’t want to pay the exorbitant price. A friend of mine knows someone who works at the store and she offered to get the bag for me at a 50% discount, which was great. However I procrastinated on responding and last week my friend told me her friend said the bag would be leaving the store shortly and it was now discounted by 65%! That made my day and I’m now carrying a new bag around. I’m thankful that my procrastinating had a positive outcome (for once).

It’s winter here…still. It’s slippery too as the snow melts and then freezes over as the temperature drops. I’ve slipped many times but I am thankful for my sense of balance which has kept me upright most of the time (though on Tuesday morning I did touch the ground).

I’m thankful for good health among family members despite some scares earlier this year. I continue to treat life as a precious gift, and each day my eyes flicker open to greet the morning is a good day.

I’m thankful for the love I’ve experienced this year. I mentioned recently on twitter that the husband of one of my cousins has taken an older brother role with me, calling every week or two to see how things are going. I always wanted an older brother (though my reason was so I could date his friends), and now I have one. And the cousins who send me out of the blue text messages to say hi really make my day…I love them and love how we’re making keeping in contact a priority.

And I’m thankful that Friday is around the corner…the weekend is almost here!

11 thoughts on “Thankfully, it’s still Thursday

  1. I am sure your purse is so pretty. I love good deals also but I usually can't wait. I just buy things. Hence, I have no money. :)
    Have fun skiing. I Hate skiing so much ever since grade 10 when I fell and crashed into the instructor and everyone laughed at me. To this day, I refuse to get back on those skis and poles. You will have a good time though.

    • Hey Rhona! I love it…I should post a picture. It's nothing flashy but it's big and it suits me just fine :)

      Oh no…your skiing experience sounds awful. I crashed into a glass wall during a medical school tour once…I was so embarrassed.

  2. Just as you have been thankful and rejoicing with others, so will you have multitudes to rejoice with you and be thankful. Look forward to more from you on the Thankful Thursday series :-)

  3. Hey GNG, thank God we'll always have things to be thankful for. Enjoy your skiing. One day I'll get to see my daughters ski, me, I'll just watch :)

  4. Good post GNG, thanks for reminding me to appreciate what I have instead of worrying over what I do not have, has not happened or cannot control. Enjoy the rest of the week.

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