Thanking God in tough times: do you do it?

There were a lot of blog entries referring to Haiti last week, and I would like to encourage us to continue to keep the relief and rescue efforts in our thoughts and prayers. When something devastating happens far away from us, it’s easy for it to drift from our minds as our daily things occupy our mind. Please continue to give in any way you can. There are so many initiatives around; google “help Haiti” to find some.

I came across an initiative by blogger Estella that I’d like to share, the Sew for Haiti project. She is encouraging anyone who knows how to sew to commit to sewing something, anything that you think would be appreciated by someone in Haiti. It could be a pillow, a toy, or articles of clothing. The last time I checked her blog she was still trying to find the best way to get the items to Haiti but in the meantime if you are talented in that way, do whip something up. Estella has encouraged you to include an encouraging note or prayer with the item. If you can’t sew and live in the Metro DC area, Estella is offering to teach you how to sew for free, with the goal being that you will commit to sew something for this very worthy cause.

Like I said, my office is on the same floor as the Haitian embassy. I see people from the embassy daily, on the elevator or in the bathroom, and other than a hello, I can’t seem to figure out what to say that would be encouraging. Instead of feeling bad about that, I have resolved to pray more. I may not be able to do more than contribute financially to the relief efforts, but I can pray for the Haitians and express thanks to all of the people who have left their own busy lives to devote their time and expertise to helping out physically.

I don’t know if any of you have seen news reports that came out last week where people who have lost so much were praising God for sparing their lives and singing! It’s one thing to be saying “Thank you God for sparing me/my family” but actually singing? Wow! That was so touching. These are people who have lost anything from their homes, documents, precious things to their limbs in some cases or family members, yet they were able to raise their voices in song. It blew my mind, serving as another example of “in all things, give thanks”. Of course they are hurting, crushed, sad and feeling other emotions I can’t even guess, but that so soon after this huge life changing event they could raise their voices in song humbles me. I know I could not. I am not there yet.

Are you?

12 thoughts on “Thanking God in tough times: do you do it?

  1. hi gng thanks for stopping by! And this is gr8 post…. I think though when everything is going fine for we forget about our greator yet when problems strike we turn to him for guidance….. but I am touched that they turned to him to offer a sacrifice of gratitude. that is powerful

  2. I am so touched too by the gratitude the people have for their lives. And yet….

    I believe your prayers are going a long way. Sometimes, silence is golden but when God touches your heart to say a word or to hug/touch someone, pls let go…

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  3. Hmm its easier said than done, Do not unconsciously do it:) That means I need to start doing it~ Lovely wirte up as usual. Saw the Haiti article on the songs they were singing and it touched me that they were not mad at God! God help us all!

  4. worth sharing and being thankful in this times…Haiti really needs our prayers. Have a good weekend girl

  5. It's one of the hardest things to do but God said we should do it for a purpose. I find that singing when at a low point actually lifts my spirit. God will surely bless those people, Estelle and all of us who pray and give to those in need especially Haiti and Jos at this time.

    Have a great weekend.

  6. I certainly agree with Myne that it's quite difficult to praise/sing in hard times…and it really doest help…I can't say that I always do that…sometimes I actually grumble/whine instead, but as soon as I remember how bad it could have been and all the good times He's taken me thru, I repent and give him thanks…

    Wonderful initiative by Estella also…I wish I could sew…

  7. i saw a woman who had just been pulled out from a collapsed building after being trapped for 6days singing! !

    well to who else do we have to turn in times of trouble? after our anger and questions of why, somehow we always still go back to Him.

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