Thank you

I don’t say it enough (ever?) but you are amazing. Yes, you, lovely person who makes the time to skim these blog posts or read them and leave thought-provoking comments (online or offline). And special mention to the Allisons of my life who stroke my ego and make my head swell in person as if they’re being paid to do so—I am so blessed!

You are the reason I have a public blog—anyone who says they blog “only for themselves” while running a public blog is lying: if you were blogging for yourself, why would you a) publish your blog online and b) publish your blog online without password-protecting it? (And if the reason is you prefer to type than write by hand, you can type your posts in a file on your computer or in Google docs (if you want to have access to it anywhere) without anyone in the world knowing that you blog.)

Though it may not seem that way I respect your time and it has bothered me for a while that I don’t post consistently on certain days of the week (you’d prefer that, right?). This is due to a mixture of poor planning and difficulty I’ve been having defining the niche of this blog. As a result I keep drafting posts that never get posted because I don’t think they fit my yet-undefined niche—overthink much!?

I want to share things that you leave amused, or with your thoughts provoked, or even annoyed by me, so that we can have a conversation (note: I don’t mean that I’ll deliberately bring up controversial topics for that reason!). I just want us to relate to each other, learn from one from one another, and get chummy. Really. And I love hearing what you think because you’re pretty darn smart!

All of this to say I write publicly to be heard, and I thank you for hearing me.

16 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. :D Thank you also Jummy for dishing out interesting posts and replies. I always look forward to read whenever you post.

    I blog so that people can read my views on issues and educate me more on it.

    • Thank you, New Dawn! You always add a valuable perspective to topics you comment on. It’s fun learning from others, isn’t it?

  2. You’re awesome! I love reading your posts since I find out new things about you all the time. I should probably know these things already but at least I can read your blogs and say “Hey! Me too!”

  3. My narcissistic self seriously thought you were writing to just me…then I saw all these commenters ahead of me LMAO! Thanks for the thanks. More like thank you for writing lovely posts.

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