The aftermath

How was your Christmas? Mine was a family-centric holiday, just the way I like it: I slept over at my parents’ place on Christmas Eve and have been there since. We didn’t open our gifts until the afternoon, which was fine with us all because we’re at the stage where getting a good night’s sleep trumps waking up early.


The tree at my parents’ place…it’s a real one! My mom hates to have a bare tree so even though it’s days after Christmas there are some unopened gifts.

When I looked under the tree, as full of gifts as it was, I was reminded of how blessed we are, not just with a great family but with so many THINGS. The consensus was that the preparation was all too much: too much stress over what to buy for the other family members and too many gifts. In all the rushing around it’s easy to lose sight that Christmas is about reflecting on the reason we celebrate Christmas. Next year we’ll each pick a name of a family member to buy a gift for instead of buying for everyone. A price limit will be decided upon and people can buy smaller gifts or stocking stuffers for the other family members, if desired. We don’t need more things; we need more time together to enjoy each other’s company.


Baked by my sister, enjoyed by all.

As we get older, I cherish Christmas with my family even more because I know that soon enough (hopefully!) we’ll have in-laws to consider. My friends who are married or dating talk about having to plan when they’ll have Christmas with their biological family and when they’ll see their in-laws over the holidays, and alternating on successive years. It’s hard to imagine that some of us may not be able to make it to my parents’ place for Christmas celebrations in the future due to where we’ll be living or due to other family obligations, but at the same time it’s something to look forward to!

10 thoughts on “The aftermath

  1. You are so right! We all need to spend more time with family not out in the shops looking for the perfect gift which does not exist:) Merry Xmas GNG!

  2. Sounds like you had a great Christmas!

    And those cookies look yummy!!!

    I glad you spent it with your family, my dad was happy that my sister and I came home as well because hopefully we'll be starting our own families soon!

    Happy New Year in advance!

  3. Secret Santa is the way to go! Once all your siblings get married and start having children the gifts need for Christmas multiplies exponentially. I'm going to have to propose this idea to my family!

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