The Blogville Idol update you’ve been waiting for

To those of you who have been faithfully voting for me, or to that one person who has been going to different computers around town and voting for me, I thank you. I’m not kidding when I say I didn’t think I’d make it this far in Blogville Idol because well, if I had to evaluate myself I’d say all sorts of things that I won’t say now, lest you realize that I’m right and stop voting for me.

(I do promise to do some sort of review of the Blogville Idol experience when it’s all over next weekend. And no, you can’t stop voting for me yet. Please???)

My song for Round 4 has been submitted so I think I should take this opportunity to give those of you who thought you had escaped hearing my shrill sexy voice an opportunity to hear what you’ve been missing out on.

For my very first song, I chose Whitney Houston’s All At Once, a beautiful song. Here is my rendition: GNG singing All At Once.

For my second song, I chose Tosin Martins’ Olo Mi (keep in mind we had to select a song by a Nigerian artist). And this is how I sang it.

Round three’s song had to be oldies, and the oldie that I butchered sang was Bill Withers’ Lean on Me. I had no idea he sang it first…his version is really good. My version, on the other hand…well I won’t deny that I think it’s my best work.

And for round four, the producers picked the song we had to sing. Mine is by a female Nigerian artist I had never heard of so I spent a couple of hours memorizing the song and the tone changes in it. I think I did alright. I’ll let you know when you can go check it out and vote for me.


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