The difference a few years could make

A family friend lost over 90 pounds. Shortly thereafter, she met an extremely attractive Nigerian guy that my mom would have fought her mom for (for me). Good looks have never been a criteria for me in men but this was attractive, nice and a little shy, which is the only way hot guys should be. But back to my story. The girl got pregnant, had a baby and married her cutie about two years after having their baby. Just like that she’s living a life that’s completely different from her single life.

To be honest, I don’t know this girl well so maybe even 90lbs overweight she was dating a lot. You know how they say timing is everything…maybe regardless of her weight the way she met her hottie hubby is how it was meant to happen. Part of me does wonder if she would have been noticed by the guy had she remained her original size. But that doesn’t matter now since they’re happily married and they have a sweet little family.

I dream of looking back two or three years from now and wondering how my life could be so completely different (in a good way) from how it was short months ago. I could be a mother in a few short years! I could be watching one of my siblings handling a child that I carried in my womb for almost 10 months! I could have a guy in my life that I can grab onto when I want, that I can give a certain look at a party that means You. Me. Home. Now. Rawwwr. ;) There are little signs that I may one day be in that situation, but I could just as easily be that girl whose life continues as it has been, despite trying so hard to change things. Only time will tell.

3 thoughts on “The difference a few years could make

  1. Funny, I woke up to do some work but I stumbled on your jollof rice blog and now I’m here…

    What can I say? A few days back, my father sent me a message saying “always accentuate the positive”. It wasn’t said in the context of marriage and children (already done that) but there were questions in my future I had questions about and I remember telling him before that response how so unsure I was of how the future will play out.

    So, I’ll repeat what my septuagenarian father said to you: Accentuate the positive. What will you be in a few years? You’ll be you – believing it’ll be good and God, in accordance with His will, having granted the desires of your heart on how you’ll want to be in those few years (cute family and more).

  2. Damn girl… i cant wait for you to be in a ‘relationship’… you write beautifully and i hope you are as elegant as you write.. ok i feel like i am hitting on you :) lol … iok so why are you still single(same question goes to me) you are beautiful( big boned? which is in the eyes of the beholder), professional and quite sociable… not wanting to advise you directly but can you please get over your weight… stop looking at the thin girls who bombard our tvs and billboards 24/7. as long as you are eating right and your health is not affected, maybe your weight is a form of beauty? Am sure you are beautiful … Been hearing a lot of stories about dating in North America and boi you guys are on a different level, i thought london guys were bad..seems the canadians have given them a run for their money..
    I am aware you are still a virgin, can you write a blog about how yu r coping with the pressure in the waiting…
    Keep it up and am with you in this journey..praying to God for the right one and how i recognise him, as it seems the ‘right’ one slipped in between my fingers so am on living on borrowed time…. once i hit the big three zero i heard it is downhill and the choices diminishes *sigh* *terrified* ***covers face***
    take care babes..Love from London x

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