The events coming up in my life

I am so thankful that we’re all enjoying our summer. How do I know this? Because of the reduced activity on blogville! There are fewer blog updates to read, but even reading those seems to take more time than I have, because I’m busy soaking in the sunshine and socializing (or watching SATC, shhhh).

I am thankful for the social events coming up before the end of the summer:

  • one baby’s first birthday (his actual birthday is today, so I thank God for his sunny face that really makes everyone around him smile. I have not seen a happier child in a long time—mine will be happier sha)
  • a house warming for dear friends who have bought what we’re calling a “forever house” because really, when the house is that lovely, why would you ever move (also: moving is a pain in the neck)? I pray they have many happy years and memories in their new home.
  • one engagement party. This engagement and actually their relationship really makes me think that there is someone for everyone. It’s a comforting thought sometimes: I just hope I don’t have a twin who’s out there looking for the same man as I!
  • one wedding (a friend I have known since I was 12. Though we do not see each other regularly, I think we will always want to know that the other is doing well). She has been engaged before, and her fiancé today has a child from a previous relationship. I saw my friend’s inner strength and maturity develop through this relationship and I can tell her fiancé adores her. I wish them both the best.

I’ve also been enjoying a music festival going on in our city! Tomorrow I will be seeing King Sunny Ade perform (Asa was supposed to open for him but unfortunately she isn’t coming anymore) and on Sunday I’ll be rocking to Estelle and Divine Brown. There are some other acts I want to check out before the festival is over, including a Gospel Jam day that I’ve been told is really awesome.

What have you been doing this summer?

9 thoughts on “The events coming up in my life

  1. LOL @ your reasoning on the summer and blogsville.. I suspect lots of people are just plain tired though.. Lots of simple things to be thankful for again.. Thanks for sharing…..

  2. Summer ke? It's been raining in Lagos all week! The sun is hiding somewhere under them dark clouds and I really hope it comes out soon.

    In the meantime it's work, work, work but it's all good.


  3. I have only been working! busy, busy, busy!

    But now I'm going to nigeria – I'll miss you! Take care and have a wonderful summer. You have many things to be thankful for as I can see and I am happy you always remind me to be thankful.

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