The tardiest Thankful Thursday to date

I can’t believe I haven’t written in over a week—where does the time go? (And why do I sound like a woman who’s juggling a career, a husband and three children with that statement? Don’t mind me!)

This week I’m especially thankful for the following:

  1. A fun and successful Single Girls’ Night Out with my colleagues, which took place on Wednesday. My workplace hired some new employees in the last six months to a year and it just so happens that the majority of them are single females. After a discussion between three of us about the single life, the idea of having a Girls’ Night Out out was born. The first event was a success: five of the invited seven women attended, good eats and drinks were had and we all had only good things to say about the evening as we parted ways and even the next day. It was a great opportunity to get to know each other better.
  2. Peace and freedom. This is something I’ve always taken for granted but something that happened this week reminded me of the peace and freedom we enjoy in this country. I work close to the parliament buildings, and as a result I can often hear and see protesters when they march up to what they call parliament hill to protest this or that issue. Earlier this week, a group of people were protesting the way a particular situation was being handled in their native country. It was a peaceful protest I’m told, though it blocked traffic in some critical areas downtown, and the increase to everyone’s daily commute meant that some of those inconvenienced by the protest were less than happy. The police were there, and there was lots of horn tooting by people (translation: “Get out of my way or I’ll run you over”), but overall, everything remained peaceful, no one was killed as a result and no one feared that outcome. I watch the news often enough to know that this is not always the case at all. It’s great to live in a country where people are unafraid of losing their lives as they fight for what they believe in (though inconveniencing others probably won’t do the trick!).
  3. An eye-opening discussion with a high school friend. It’s amazing how someone can give you a new or different perspective on something, even something that you thought you had a good grasp on.
  4. Protection and safety for my father. He’s been away all week and God saw him to his destination safely and brought him back last night. I am so thankful for the traveling mercies that have always been granted my family as we go out and come in: there are so many stories out there of people who leave home in the morning and never come back. One particular story about a baseball player who pitched on Wednesday night and was killed early Thursday morning by a drunk driver particularly touched me. May he and his friends who were also killed rest in peace. And anyone who has driven when they knew they shouldn’t: Please don’t do it again. Innocent people do not deserve to lose their lives because of your selfishness and irresponsibility.
  5. My longtime friends’ baby boy turned four years old this week. I’m thankful for his life, his health (though he has a cold right now) and the way that he turned out to be (physically) a great mix of both of his parents. Also, the way he says my name is too cute.
  6. The way everything is coming together for the big move! I am very much a last minute person and when I finally did the one thing that I thought I was running out of time for, I found out I was actually early! However, there is one task that I really to do as soon as possible, but because of the holiday I may have to wait until Tuesday. My goal is to not think about it over the weekend. Instead I should spend that time packing.
  7. The reason for Easter. Despite my regular struggles to spend even a fraction of time I spend online on things related to God, I am so thankful for Easter and time of celebration this time is for those who believe.

Happy Easter, everyone!

21 thoughts on “The tardiest Thankful Thursday to date

  1. There's so much to be thankful for ….and i felt much the same hatred from my loins towards the dude that sunffed life out of the innocent baseball player who was just out after a very good night …Sadly enough..we take so many things for granted…particularly the lil things….and its just so cute knowin someone can spell all the lil details here……have a happy easter…cutie…..:)

  2. Happy Easter to you too!!!

    We take a lot of things for granted. Love the "thankful Thursday" idea. there is a whole lot we all need to be thankful for. makes me wanna start up a list : )

  3. hmm you have been having fun. yea its indeed wonderful to be thankful..

    Happy Easter

  4. Happy Easter to you and your family

    I´m thankful for protection, safety and journey mercies as well. I am back to school without any hitch or wahala. Thank God.

  5. Happy Easter to you too sweetie! May the peace of the Risen Lord abide with you and your loved ones always….Meanwhile it really is amazing how people can bring new perspectives and ideas to the table :)

  6. →bumight

    Yes…I have to show that 'old' girls can still party now! You're right…I'm getting a place!

    Have a great Easter!


    Everything you said is true…let us not take life for granted and what better time to remember this than during Easter.

    →The Paradigm

    hehe…I'll go check if you started this list. Have a great Easter!


    Happy Easter, lovely…


    It's about time I had fun though :)

    Enjoy your Easter and happy belated birthday!


    Thanks…even though I can be pretty ungrateful I love taking the time to remember these things that God has done for me.


    Thank you for the Easter wishes to me and the family. I'm glad that you were kept safe during your vacation!


    Thank you so much. I have done the tag and will post it in the coming days. I appreciate the tag.


    Thanks for these lovely wishes…Amen and amen. Oh yes it's especially cool when you're so sure your thoughts on a particular topic concerning you are the only ones worth considering, and then someone gives you food for thought.

  7. Happy Resurrection Monday!

    how are you?

    babe,i have missed you!

    per my travuls, you can tag along anytime o

  8. â–ºWritefreak

    Thanks dia. And yes o, let us thank Him for dying for our sins.


    Happy Easter! Yes, I'm getting my own place.

    â–ºFavoured Girl

    I hope you do come visit…I'll keep you posted :)


    Thank you, ma'am! I did have a good Easter and I hope you and the family did too.


    Thank you. I hope you feel 100% healthy now.


    I am looking for that entry o…I saw the one you started and then removed. Do update soon!

    And thanks for the invite…I hope it includes a plane ticket!

  9. Loved this one. Single nights out sounds great. Single or not, I love the sisterhood us women share together. Your point on peace and freedom is so true as well. I am thankful that your father is safe and may all your family continue having successful and safe trips whenever they travel :) And the BEST of luck with the big move.

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