Time for plan B

Like a lot of people, I am trying to figure out my plan B. Usually a plan B refers to what you could do if plan A fails, but that’s not my reason for a plan B. Instead, I want something that will stimulate a part of my brain (and life) that is not being well served by my plan A (and if it ends up leading to success and fame, I won’t complain).

Right now my plan A is a job that I like, while wondering if I should look into getting more education, and if I want this additional education, or just think I should want it. While there are definite limits to my creative stimulation at the job, there are other things I can do to feed that side of me. And these things make up my plan B.

For some, blogging is the plan B. There are some high profile cases where a blogger has taken his or her blog to heights such that he or she is now fully supported by the blog (dooce and Darren Rowse come instantly to mind) — the blog has become plan A. Some have gotten book deals from their blog (like this woman), while some have used their blog or website to showcase their talent in other areas and acquired more fans of their work and increased their business that way. There are so many possibilities!

So I’ve been thinking of a few things that I enjoy doing that might translate into a good plan B. So far, I don’t have anything to report but perhaps by the end of 2009 I will.

Do you have a plan B? Has your plan B become your plan A?

12 thoughts on “Time for plan B

  1. Ha ha. When I saw the title of this post my mind went in a whole different direction… anyway, my plan a, b, and c, are to make films! plan d is possibly to be a rock star… still working that one out ;)

  2. erm… i think im thinking about thinking about a plan A, while i have my plan b firmly in mind…

    topsy turvy, i know!

  3. I've always been a fan of plan B,

    my job has also strenghtened that in me; when u do a design, you 'must' have alternative design plan B,C, & up to Z if/when possible.

    but lately, I've been thinking of my life…………..I think God has plan for us at about every time, and on every issue……….spening time with God to find out 'the plan' would really save me a lot of the unnecesssary stress I go through.

    too much story………..I am an helples plan B person, and most times my plan B becomes A, I find having a plan B puts my mind at reast, and helps me go on with the A ( afterall if it fails, ….I have a B to fall on most time, I even have a 'C" and a 'D"

  4. Lol. I'm with your Jessicah!

    hmm, umm, Plan B. I know I should have one and I have a couple of ideas but I havent really put any of them to work (Laziness) but I would love to eventually work for myself as we all do :)

  5. I have all the way to a plan G…. I kid, I kid…. Not really.

    I have always known since I was a kid that I couldn't work for somebody for long. I gave myself a 10-yr in corporate deadline… I had vague ideas back then of what I wanted to do, but they are becoming clearer and clearer by the day. And I already have 2 business plans written… God willing, if things keep going the way I see them going, I might actually be out of corporate in a shorter amount of time than planned.

    But it's always good to have plans (I loooooooove planning! My s/o calls me Project Manager, lol) and I'm happy you're considering doing something of the like.

    Let us know what u come up with!

  6. Guess Plans A and B are fine.. but in reality there are so many complexities and possibilities that having a Plan A and B does not cover it all.. I generally favor having a plan + various response models which are fully adaptable.. U could call that a Plan B, C or D i guess…

    My plan A is complete my Msc, get a job and work,play and live hard.. LOL

  7. @Jessicah

    Hey if you're that determined I don't see you needing another plan. Especially since it seems like you'd definitely be creatively and intellectually fulfilled in that career.


    Nothing wrong with being topsy turvy! Does your plan B involve music in some way?


    Gee, I'm working on plan B and you're already on plan D!

    Spending time with God in prayer/meditation is certainly good advice for trying to find what our plan A should be, not to mention plan B.


    Hey if you already have the ideas you're just a step away from putting them on paper and making them concrete.


    Way to make a girl feel woefully behind! :) People like you inspire me (too bad it's always for the short term). Business plans, tons of different options…you're way ahead of me!

    I think that's awesome that you're on track to leave the corporate world sooner than planned—a sign of a great Project Manager if I'm not mistaken!


    I feel you! I don't have any concrete plans either, but something tells me that the sooner I start pondering it, the better.

    @Danny Bagucci

    You're right that having multiple plans cannot prepare you for everything but it's a good start. I like your plan A though…sounds like the good life!

  8. hmmm my plan B is continue doing contributions for magazines, i know the more i have my name in print the more likely i'll land a gig with a BIG magazine…

  9. Girl seeing as I get done with college in May I have all kinds of plans!!!

    Plan A: Start Law School in the Fall in the East Coast

    Plan B: Go to Grad School in Paris

    Plan C: Intern in Europe

    Plan D: Do NYSC in 9ja

    Plan E: Teach English as a second language in Eastern Europe for a year

    Plan F: Work for a year

    ….and I could go on! LOL…

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