This time next year I will be a B School scholarship winner

I’m an inspiration junkie and I dream of being a location-independent online entrepreneur. One of my biggest sources of inspiration when it comes to entrepreneurship is Marie Forleo. If you don’t know who she is and you have a business or want to own a business one day, please visit her website, sign up for her newsletter, and watch MarieTV. You’ll either click with her or not; I’m firmly in the first camp—I can’t get enough of her practical and useful tips. She’s best known (I think!) for B School, an online 8-week course that she opens up once a year. The cost of B School is steep for some (this year the cost is $1,999 USD or just over N331,000.00), but I know it would be worth every penny. Whenever I come across a website and a business that I think is cool, I almost always find out that the person behind the business is a B School alum!

Marie had some scholarship slots for B School, making it possible for people who have a business or a dream to get access to this training for free. When I first saw mention of the scholarship last week, I considered applying but I don’t have a clear business idea. By God’s grace I will find clarity this year and launch a business, and I’ll apply for a scholarship slot next year and get it too! The 2014 scholarship winners are posted on Marie’s website and I’ve watched quite a few of the 46 90-second videos. The very first winner listed, Udoka Ezichi Omenukor, is Nigerian, and has a very cool business idea, and one of the 2013 scholarship recipients was another Nigerian, Vicky Olubi—I intend to join them next year.

The reason for this post is personal accountability; but I also invite any of you who have launched a business or who intend to launch a business to share this in the comments. If you know someone who’s rocking their online business too, let me know. I love finding new sources of inspiration!

12 thoughts on “This time next year I will be a B School scholarship winner

  1. Meeeeeehnnnn!!! I can relate with you with regards to clarity!
    I just wish I could hear a loud voice from heaven saying…. NoLimit my daughter… this is what I want you to DO!lol simples…

    Hmmm I think you’ll definitely be part of next year’s class, I just signed up to get news letter and got a mail showing marie’s activity on twitter!
    Guess who’s retweeet was first in line???
    Yes you guessed right… GNG’s “watch Marie’s videos”lol

    • Amin o! I will take your congrats in advance as I’ve yet to submit a scholarship application and be accepted. I get nervous thinking of it!

    • Thanks darling! We need to motivate each other o; it’s a must! We must reach our fullest potential by force.

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence, Sugabelly! I just need to banish procrastination and focus on creating an awesome B School application for 2015!

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