In Toronto to see Joyce Meyer


I’m in Toronto this weekend to attend my first Joyce Meyer conference! After all the yakking (1, 2, 3) I’ve done about loving “Mama Joyce” as Super Working Mum calls her, it’s only fitting that I come and see her when she’s only a four-hour train ride away. This is also serving as my vacation—I haven’t left my city in nine months and was starting to go a little crazy!

I’m staying with Cynthia and her husband (I’ve known him since we were 11, though we didn’t become friends until Ves’s husband Rich connected us). I can’t get over how quiet and relaxing it is in their home—it would be a perfect place to work when I’m the CEO of my location-independent online business (um, not that I expect them to put me up; I’ll just find a space that has the same level of soundproofing and neatness)!

If you’re in Toronto or know someone who’s attending the Joyce Meyer conference, let me know—maybe we can connect this weekend!

8 thoughts on “In Toronto to see Joyce Meyer

  1. Awww. you get to see Mama Joyce before me! Was planning to come for the love life conference in sept but Bionic starts school then so I am planning to come next year by God’s grace. Enjoy dear and pls let’s know how it went.

    • It’s not a race dear: you can be the first to attend her Love Life conference, ok? :)

      Thank you; I’ll be sure to share how the conference went.

  2. Wow super duper lucky. School starts for me soon so I can’t afford to go to concerts and state fairs, lol. Make sure to have lots of fun…and please arrive a few hours ahead if need be. The crowd is ridiculous for conferences like this! :)

    • No more of this luck business, m’dear! I think it was yesterday that Joyce said we’re blessed, not lucky!

      I’ve been able to get a decent seat twice so far—this evening I want to see if I can get very close to the front of the auditorium. I’ve also been enjoying dancing to Israel Houghton and New Breed, the musical guests!

    • According to Mama Joyce there’s no such thing as luck or coincidence! I feel like I have to get a whole new vocabulary!

      Stay tuned: I will share the nuggets of wisdom that warmed my heart soon.

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