Translation help needed

I need volunteers who are fluent in Yoruba, Ibo or Hausa to help me translate some words/phrases, complete with accents and everything! If this is something you feel comfortable doing, and you’d like to earn my eternal gratitude, please let me know in the comments and I’ll email you. You may need to have a camera or a scanner so you can write the words out with the accents (unless you know how to make the accents happen with the computer).

Thank you very much and stay tuned for the Birthday post, coming up in the next 24 hours.

(And no, I’m not talking about Vera’s birthday, though I do wish her a very happy birthday. You should go to her site and wish her happy birthday too!)

**Also, if you’d like to ask me a question to be answered during this birthday celebration, please leave it either in these comments or the comments of the original entry.

16 thoughts on “Translation help needed

  1. First!!! i see your auto posting thingy is working… :D

    I can hilariously translate for you sha.

  2. I cannot translate anything. I speak yoruba but I have the WORST accent EVER! I dont have a camera and I definetely dont have a scanner and even if I did, I probably wont be able to use it. Anyhoos Goodluck dearest! XOXO

  3. is this an attempt to find out bloggers tribe???lol. just kidding….would have loved to help with the yoruba -actually got an A in it in SSCE but i do not have a love affair with my comp. so i wouldnt know how to do tht.WOULDNT u need some kind of sound too?

  4. I can help you in yoruba. Finally something to utilize my yoruba skills with. Let me know when you are ready. If it doesn't work with my computer I will try the scanner thing.

  5. @archiwiz

    Believe it or not, that wasn't an automatic post. I can see from the way it sounded why you thought that though. Congrats on your #1 position.


    Thank you, for the birthday wishes for GNG and for the offer to help (if you could).


    lol it's not about accent, it's about writing it! Let me know if you can write it sha…and maybe I'll fly to you and collect it in person!


    You this funny girl! Maybe that should be the next survey question over there on the right…


    Thank you so much for the offer! I'll email you. :)

  6. I don't have a scanner and camera so can't help there plus there are some Yoruba words i just don't know how to pronounce!

    So is it your birthday??

  7. I would have loved to help you with the Hausa bit, but the whol scanner thing is where you got me. I'm a technology retard! Good luck with though!! Oh, and Happy New Year:-)

  8. I would have loved to help you with the Hausa bit, but the whole scanner thing is where you got me. I'm a technology retard! Good luck with though!! Oh, and Happy New Year:-)

  9. Unfortunately yours truly was uprooted from his raz village at an early age and forced to live around ppl who were more interested in flouting their pseudo-american accents than speak a Nigerian language.. LOL.. Happy birthday in advance anywaysy…

  10. @toluwa

    I'll be emailing you in the coming weeks; thank you.


    Thanks a bunch! I'll email you my gratitude, and the actual translating I'll need will come later.


    Nope, not my birthday but my blog's birthday (lol). You can be our spell check volunteer then!


    I'll have to work hard to catch you because you're the first to volunteer for Hausa!


    Hey, wait, let's talk! I'll email you.

    @Miss Definitely Maybe

    Happy Belated! I hope it was lovely.

    @Danny Bagucci

    It's my blog's birthday o…so you don't call me out when I actually celebrate my birthday in June!

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