6 ways to be awesome on Twitter

6 ways to be awesome on Twitter

Why would you want to be awesome on Twitter? Well, it’s a good way to gain followers and maybe make friends (which makes Twitter more fun!).

The disclaimer for this post is that you are free to do as you wish on Twitter; these are some practices that I think work well.

  1. Thank as many people as you can for retweeting you

    Showing appreciation is always a good thing, and it doesn’t have to be reserved for tangible things. If someone retweets you, thank them. If you have a large following and are constantly having your tweets retweeted, it may be physically impossible to thank each retweeter. But even if you only thank five retweeters who’ve helped spread your message each time, that’s better than nothing and it will be appreciated. And by showing appreciation, you encourage people to support your future tweets.

  2. Do not retweet complimentary tweets!
    When you’re hanging out with a friend, would you share the nice things other people have said about you? Like you’re having coffee with a friend and she says “So, how are you?” and you reply with “I’m doing great! My boss likes my haircut, Sarah thinks my outfit from yesterday was on point, my mom thinks I’m the best daughter, four people said my cooking is amazing…” This is what it looks like when you only retweet complimentary tweets. And when your timeline is full of someone else’s retweets of compliments about themselves, it can seem a bit self-congratulatory.

    Note that I’m talking about retweeting complimentary tweets: I’m not saying you should never retweet—people share brilliant information and insights all the time and this is worth retweeting because you’re sharing something useful and beneficial with your followers, while also telling the tweeter that they’ve shared something worthy of passing along.

    However, there are cases where someone compliment you on Twitter, hoping that you’ll share their compliment with your larger audience and that your followers may become their fan. If you feel that’s the case and you’re ok with that, use your judgment regarding retweeting.

  3. Favourite complimentary tweets
    When someone compliments you, your reply should be appreciation, and what better way to show appreciation than by keeping that tweet somewhere that you can easily access it again, via use of the “Favorite” option? “Favoriting” a tweet is a clear sign to its author that you appreciate it.

    (I have no doubt that people retweet to show appreciation—I’m suggesting that retweeting may be a better way!)

  4. Avoid posting a string of links to various blog posts all at once
    If you’re a blogger, posting a string (I’m talking 5 or more in a row) of links to your blog post(s) at one time can be annoying, and more importantly, the odds that a follower, even a faithful one, would click link upon link in a row is SLIM. It’s better to space out these sorts of tweets.
  5. Let followers know if you’ve got a lot of tweets coming up
    If you’re going to be sharing a string of tweets (not links as in 4 above), such as a story or rant, an introductory tweet such as “I’m going to be ranting about dearth of cupcakes in the workplace” is nice. Of course sometimes you post a tweet not realizing you have A LOT more to say on the topic (has this happened to you? It’s happened to me!) so that’s understandable.
  6. Refrain from sharing graphic (disgusting or grotesque) images
    Now that some images show up right in your Twitter timeline without you having to click a link, I personally would appreciate a little sensitivity towards those of us with weak stomachs or who just don’t want to have our head full of awfulness.

So there you have it: my opinion on how you can make Twitter more awesome.

Which points do you disagree with? What Twitter habits drive you nuts?

16 thoughts on “6 ways to be awesome on Twitter

  1. Thanks Jummy for the tips! I agree with all of them. An additional tip and one which relates to me would be to “show up regularly and add value to the conversation”. I find that, I often disappear from twitter only to reappear when I want to tweet a post. This is something I am working on and hopefully with this very timely post I shall become more regular on my twitter platform and achieve some level of twitter awesomeness :-)

    • Oooh, such a good tip, Tamkara! I had the same challenge with Twitter initially, and I still do from time to time but I’m trying to show up more regularly. I have no doubt that you’ll achieve awesomeness on Twitter and on your blog very very soon! :)

  2. #2 gets my goat…. I may be partially guilty of #4 as I often tweet links to different things I stumble on as I plough through my feedly during lunch break :(

    Lessons learned though, thanks for sharing..

    • Thanks for your comment, RustGeek! My sister was laughing at me because I spent so long finessing #2—I was concerned about how it would be perceived but your reply makes me glad that I added it because it’s my top peeve! I’m so thrilled that you get it and agree!

      Oh! I think your #4 is forgivable ;) because you’re sharing links to other people’s stuff rather than links to your own work—it certainly makes the “crime” less egregious!

  3. All very valid. I try to say thank you but some times I read about some RT at night and just smile and go back to sleep..lol.. and hope to say thank you the next day. And that sometimes does not happen.

    • Hello, Cannime! I know what you mean abut forgetting to show appreciation. It happens to me sometimes but when I remember (even days later) I’ll go back and say thank you. It’s always appreciated—lol one time a guy asked which retweet I was referring to and I had to remind him, but I think he still appreciated it. :)

    • Thank you, New Dawn! I think you’d be awesome on Twitter, actually. If you tell me that your mobile phone allows you to access Twitter I’ll start a petition to get you on Twitter!

      • ahaha. Thanks Jummy, but I don’t tweet out of choice because I don’t understand what goes on down there when I joined the first time in the early years when it newly established itself.The abbreviations there nah dyeee!…ahahaha. Well done :D

        • Lol New Dawn but the best way to learn is to join and ask questions along the way. There were abbreviations that I searched for or asked about—people are usually willing to explain!

          Maybe I’ll exert some subtle pressure on you!

  4. I’m the worst with Twitter. I can’t sit down and read tweets for more than 30 seconds at a time, and because my Twitter app on my phone is so late with updates, I don’t bother.

  5. Good list but I kinda don’t agree with no 2 :-D
    Ok here are my strong reasons:
    1. My Twitter account is mainly for the blog therefore it is one of the means of raising awareness etc.. Same with business owners.
    2. When compliments are tweeted, I retweet as a form of endorsement. I have had new followers through that avenue. It’s like getting a review for your business or book. You don’t hide it, you share with the world so that they can also use your service.
    3. I also use it as a way to publicly acknowledge the kind comments by the Tweet-er! :-D

    I hope I have been able to convince you and not confuse you that retweeting compliments is very beneficial :-) xx

    • You’re so cute, Ayo—I like how you said “strong reasons”!

      I usually find someone new to follow on Twitter when something they say is retweeted by one of their followers who happens to be someone I follow. So if you retweet Maggie (who for the sake of this comment I’m not following) and her tweet that you retweeted makes my eyes sing, I will be intrigued to follow your retweet to find her Twitter page and follow her. I think many if not most new follows on Twitter work this way.

      By contrast, when I retweet something, I’m sharing it primarily with my existing audience (and anyone who happens to have come to my page on Twitter, probably due to the “retweet by a mutual follower” reason above). If I want my retweet to reach a larger audience of people who aren’t already my fans, my best hope is that someone else will retweet my retweet to people who aren’t following me. So, in my opinion, me retweeting compliments is a less effective way to gain new followers, and it’s not worth the risk of appearing to be humblebragging.

      By the time someone lands on my Twitter page, their decision to click that enticing follow button will be based (in my opinion) on what they see on my timeline, which is full of things I’ve deemed worthy of sharing either by creating the tweet or by retweeting other tweets. Retweets reflect what the person likes and has decided is worth sharing but they are not who I am, nor do they reflect what kinds of tweets I myself will create.

      I know, that’s a lot of blah blah blah but my point is if your goal is to show appreciation for someone’s endorsement of you or your blog, I’d personally thank them for the retweet and “Favorite” it, but I respect that not everyone sees retweeting compliments as I do, so your method could work very well for people who feel differently from me on that point.

      If I want to to encourage more people to follow me on Twitter, I should create tweets that people want to retweet, and make sure that all my other non-Twitter channels drive people to my Twitter page. I think Twitter endorsements could be used more effectively outside of Twitter by:

      1. putting a page on my blog called “Endorsements” or “Testimonials” or “Love”, and using that page to capture some or all of the lovely things said about me or my blog
      2. making sure the number of Twitter followers I have is displayed on my blog (social proof)—if someone sees that you have a lot of followers, they’ll assume you must be worth following!

      To respond to compliments I prefer to craft a new tweet like “Huge shoutout to @personA @personB + @personC who were kind enough to share such lovely words about me today—I appreciate it!” and also “Favorite” the compliments.

      It’s most important to use the techniques that work for you, but more importantly that serves your audience.

      Can you see why I was so happy to respond? Lol I love talking about stuff like this!

  6. LOOL! It is clear to see that you like talking about stuff like this.. I was smiling and nodding while I was reading.

    You are right, when you retweet, it’s to your existing followings, however there some followers who are ‘dormant’ followers. They follow you because you tweeted something interesting so it’s a wake-up call like “we are still here, still blogging etc etc” lol.. You get my drift.

    But I get you.

    I must say that with social media, there’s a measure of vanity involved (Yup, I said it lol).. Like “look how fabulous my life/blog/business’ is”.. Am I right? :-D

    • Oooh! I can see how retweeting compliments could reengage dormant followers—high five!

      You are SO RIGHT about the vanity involved in social media—it’s easy to get caught up in that aspect of it. I try to check my motives for everything I post but I don’t always pass the vanity test!

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