Two quick updates

Merry Christmas everyone! It’s Christmas Eve but I still have not finished my shopping, which makes me more last minute than usual. I have a complaint though about fathers: while most (Nigerian) mothers can rattle off an impressive wishlist (or is my mom the only one?), trying to figure out what my father wants each Christmas is an exercise in futility. He’s a very practical man and really has no use for things that don’t have a purpose. Even small gifts like treats are hard: he doesn’t like sweets, doesn’t chew gum or have a favourite snack that we can buy for his stocking. He has far too many ties, socks and other boring things. He has too many watches and colognes. And books! He loves self improvement and inspirational books but at some point I’m sure all the books look the same and have the same message that I really don’t want to buy another book that echoes bits of all the other books he already owns.

I’ll figure something out by tomorrow though — I have no choice!

While I was writing the entry about George, my sister saw it and read a bit of it, but I told her it wasn’t posted yet, that she could read it later after I’d edited it.

Well she’s on holidays and was bored so she went and read that entry…and another entry that concerned her! She told me she had read the blog the moment I got home and that led to us fully discussing the situation. Tears were shed and explanations made and we both left the conversation feeling closer to each other than before. I knew she would feel bad about how I felt about the whole situation (which was why I didn’t think it would be worth getting into) but it was nice to talk about it. I know it isn’t Afrobabe‘s style sha, but it worked for us!

Next, I thought I’d put those of you wondering about my Two Truths, One Lie (x 2!) meme out of your misery (the lies are indicated in bold):


  1. I can’t curl my tongue.
  2. I have been a bridesmaid three times.
  3. I hate green peas.

I have been a bridesmaid three times, and my mother has forbidden me to say yes to another friend. I refuse to listen to her though (I’m looking at you, Oya!). And yes, I hate green peas: I hate how they are a vegetable yet taste sort of sweet…gross!


  1. I do not own a laptop.
  2. I can’t cook pepper soup.
  3. I had chicken pox twice.

I do not own a laptop, though I hope to fix that situation on Boxing Day! And yes, sadly, I cannot cook pepper soup. Disgraceful, I know! And for those who don’t think you can get chicken pox twice (I’m looking at you, aloted babe): you can! Thank God I did not, but it’s possible!

So clap for yourselves doug, Seye, Lolia, Oya and sting because you got both absolutely correct! You deserve a prize but well, Good Naija Girl is a low budget operation!

10 thoughts on “Two quick updates

  1. hey where is my own present jo….sebi i got the chicken pox lie correct even if my logic was wrong…lol…

    merry christmas darl and i am glad u and ur sis are cool.

  2. i got the first one correct…u owe me a present too o..but seriously, u dnt own a laptop? We need to have a serious talk with santa!

  3. LOL @ you and your sister. But I'm glad everything is fixed now sha.

    Come oh, speaking of pepper soup…I dunno if I can cook it or not. I have never really attempted it. Or have I? Gal, I don't even remember.

  4. hope you were able to get your dad a gift. I have the same problem with my dad, my mom can never own enough hats or shoes but dad it is always difficult.

    Anyway i hope you guys have a very merry christmas. enjoy the day.

  5. Merry Christmas!!!!

    I dont wanna know if youre still doing last minute shopping, me i want to see my own present o! Latest 29th…………………………….c ya….with my present that is

  6. wow. u cant curl ur tongue. u aint a roller. that's what it's called right?

    glad u and ur sister sorted that out.

    get chicken pox twice? that would be a disaster.

    i had it for the first time february this year, and while i was healing, i was glad i would have no spot. and guess what. no spots, but the biggest spot left a bump just below my collar bone, and im addicted to rubbing it.

    Merry christmas

  7. @aloted

    Hey, no prizes for getting 1 out of 2. Ma binu.


    Cheater! You and aloted sef, trying to get a prize for only getting half of it correct!


    I will claim millionairess status in Jesus' name!

    @Vera Ezimora

    Thanks…I'm glad that things are resolved beyond a shadow of doubt now too. I would never have guessed this is how things would have happened though.


    (Please resume blogging!)

    I ended up getting my dad a gift card to his favourite restaurant and the entire Mr. Bean collection (for him and my mom actually) and some little things he likes. He seemed to like his gifts.

    @Naija Bunny

    Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year in advance!

    lol Santa told me you had been naughty this year so no presents for you!


    Those bolded statements were the lies so I really can curl my tongue and I haven't had chicken pox twice!

  8. lol…ok, Afrobabe reserves that style for extreme cases….

    Glad to see that things went well with u and ur sis..

    Merry christmas..

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