Two updates while away? Amazing!

I would have never guessed that less than two years after my last visit to Nigeria, I’d be sitting in my aunt’s parlour, watching Moonlight and typing out a quick blog entry before internet time runs out. Two years ago, I had resigned myself to not having access to the internet and I assumed it would be the same thing this time. I’m delighted that I’m wrong, though my access will probably only be weekly (which might be a good thing, given my obsession with the internet).

This trip has been pretty interesting so far…I’ve had quite a surprise related to this little matter that I’m still trying to process. Unfortunately some of the same family matters that were present two years ago remain around, and I’m starting to understand why my dad advises me every time we speak to him to just remain agreeable with what family members are saying, whether they are telling me how difficult life is in Nigeria or telling me how easy life is in Canada.

I was fortunate enough to meet Funke before leaving Lagos. She woke up early that Saturday morning and met us at the home of our host before we had to leave…she was part of our send off party. She has such a great personality, and I’m so glad I got to meet her in person.

I’ve spoken with Writefreak but haven’t met her yet, as plans to find our way to Abuja are still in the works. Why is it that none of the bloggers I know are based in Ondo state?

I’ve taken a lot of pictures that I can’t wait to add to blog entries…I hope you’ll enjoy reading them when I get back to Canada. Until then, bye for now!

11 thoughts on “Two updates while away? Amazing!

  1. I can't wait to hear all the gist when you get back! Thanks so much for helping me deliver that package :D

  2. Hi Jumoke!!

    This is Wendy and Pascale!!! We need and want details on the little matter!!!

    And we have news for you as well… "Fist-pounding to be revealed"… hahaha!!!

  3. "Two years ago, I had resigned myself to not…..and I assumed it would be the same thing this time. I’m delighted that I’m wrong,…."

    'Tis just the beginning of the change process. A little while and you will be most astounded.

  4. Woman, why you dey diss Naija like this na?? I'm sure there is GPRS in Ondo. you could av been blogging from you phone if you wanted. The Telecom companies are not moribund like our political will.

    Hope you enjoyed your stay…

  5. Your post is refreshing….at least something is working in Nigeria. I kind of stumbled upon your blog accidentally today and just like 'No Limit" mentioned above, I too "will be will be stalking this blog like crayzeee!"

    Thank you.

    Andy Goddard

    Cleaning Services London

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