Types of online (or virtual) dating

So I’m back as promised with more on online (or virtual) dating.

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So, there are a number ways that you can enter into online dating. Today I’m just going to list the ways and if you want additional information, let me know in the comments and I’ll follow up on it two days from now.

The following are some ways you can experience online dating, depending on your comfort level:

  • Ask trusted friends to e-ntroduce you to single people they know well and trust to not be fraudsters, liars or cheats. People have been doing this by snail mail and telephone for ages, so this is nothing new. This introduction can be a one way or two way exchange of email addresses, facebook monikers or similar online identity. The key is that the person who is doing the introduction should make sure that both parties have agreed to have their information passed along to the other party. If you don’t make sure this is the case, you could end up losing two friends.
  • join an online forum that focuses on something that you’re interested in and if someone on there interests you, start a conversation with them off the public forum.
  • look for your tweetheart on twitter. With its popularity, it won’t surprise me if twitter becomes the hottest place online to meet potential partners.
  • blog! I don’t know how many bloggers have met and dated through blogging but try leaving consistent comments on the blog of someone who’s captivated you with their writing (or their general hotness) and maybe they’ll take notice of you. Or, ditch the subtle hints, find their contact information and email them (you may have to wait a while if they registered their blog with an email address they rarely check). Although this is a good plan in theory, and it may work for the younger folk, most guys who are in the right age range for me whose writing appeals to me are married.
  • join a dating site that’s specific to what you’re seeking. If you’re a Nigerian who wants to marry a Nigerian, look for dating websites that specifically address that population.
  • join any dating site that looks good to you. This may make finding what you’re looking for a bit of a longer process, but you’ll have lots of selection and you may discover someone who doesn’t match what you thought you were seeking but who ends up being the perfect person for you.

So, have any of your tried any of the above with good (or bad) results? Do you have any good ideas of other online communities or avenues for meeting people?

I hope you’ll come back tomorrow for my Thankful Thursday post, and you’ll definitely want to come back on Friday for my last post before Vera’s radio show because I’m going to try my hand at matchmaking.

13 thoughts on “Types of online (or virtual) dating

  1. "When they said the internet would turn the world into a village, i did not imagine this!" Someone once told me this after meeting me online after months of conversation, found out his paternal cousin is my maternal cousin.

    So, yes, i believe in the magic the internet has in bringing two people together. Emails are the technological counterpart of loveletters in the 5Os and 60s. ALthough, i havent tried any of those you mentioned – intentionally – i could say, i have fallen in love online. hehehhe :)

  2. Jeez. I have doing so well with checking updates lately. Moving on up …. ha ha. Okay, here is my thing with online dating. I recommend it. Highly. I know two couples right now that are heading to the altar who met online. First of all, you meet people that at first glance (if you met personally) you would not think to chat up and get to know. Online, your compatible interests come first. then other stuff follow.

  3. Hmmm, even with all your suggestions, in my mind its an 'odikwa risky' venture, but I guess if its destined to be that way it would turn out so! Looking forward to your other posts!

  4. I am so looking forward to the radio show……I guess in this day and age …every option could be vetted…the internet included.

  5. The dude i'm talking to right now, i met on facebook. Who would have thunk it! I might just have to lie on my wedding website if i get married to him. How i go take write say i meet am for facebook? J/k

    He's not some random dude sha. I know his sister in law. He checked me out through her, i checked him out through her also. The rest is history. I still haven't met him cos this is pretty recent, so i guess i can call this online dating. Facebook,, yahoo messenger/webcam, phone…. na so i see am o! So far so good.

  6. lol@ meeting someone on blogger. Imean it could happen sha.

    I have nothing against meeting folks online. I have heard and seen a lot of married folks that met online. Everyone online na persin abi? It has it good, bad and ugly just like offline.

  7. I know of three married couples that met through a mutual friend on Facebook, and another couple that are now engaged, also thanks to Facebook. Like I said in the previous post, the meeting place is just that: a place. You still need to talk to the person and meet up face to face for the relationship to grow. So I have nothing against online dating.

  8. I just don't believe that I will meet 'The One' online, at least not an official dating site sha.

    Dunno why, I guess I am an unbeliever.

    Been a while, how are you doing.

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