Update on mummy

First off, thank you so much for love shown for my mom and my family. We appreciate the prayers very much. I told her that people on blogville were praying for her and she asked me to thank you. My mom knows I blog so it’s not strange to her that some people on the internet who I don’t even know in person would pray for her…she’s used to me talking about my blogger friends as if both her and I have met them, and she gets this internet social media thing (ask her to try and turn on a computer sha and you’ll see that she’s still got a lot to learn).

(On a related note, Abbie and I have been trying to talk on the phone to one another and my mother got to talk to her first! Abbie was able to tell her she was praying for her on the phone—so nice!)

My mom says her pain has gone from 11 out of 10 on Friday to a 5 out of 10. I kid you not: if I was feeling pain in the 5/10 level I would be milking it for all it’s worth but not my mom! She has this ability to put her pain, fatigue and anything else that ails her aside and just get things done. She has this annoying admirable sense of responsibility and obligation and doesn’t like to let people down, no matter what happens to her and what she has to do to make things happen. With me, if I promise to come over and something serious happens and I can’t make it, I’ll call you and let you know. My mom will still be thinking that there is still a chance that she can fulfill her promise, you know, if the 17 things preventing her from doing so magically disappear.

Anyways, the Yoruba association picnic was on Saturday and she is the social secretary for this term. That plus the fact she had committed to making and bringing akara, and she wanted to make up her own beef burger patties for the barbeque, meant that even if she had to be carried around the house to get things done, then wheeled across the grass to the picnic site, she was not missing this event. My dad knew this too and his contribution was to offer to go and buy her some crutches.

(Ok, he had other obligations for the picnic which he fulfilled.)

The good news is she did all her duties as social secretary, all her akara was gobbled up (as usual) and she even managed to dance, though you could tell she was overdoing it (AS USUAL). When we got home she was exhausted and her badly injured foot was almost too swollen to remove her sandal.

But, she feels better and that’s what’s important so thank you for your prayers.

8 thoughts on “Update on mummy

  1. Glad to hear your mum feels better now, and yes when people say they will pray like me, we do…so i am saying a prayer for your mum now!

  2. Awwww so happy she is much better love…see? I told you my prayers have priority in heaven, guess you didnt believe me…

  3. I'm so glad to hear mommy is doing well. Please tell her not to over do it. Please.

    And tell I said hi!!! (Mommy, my new bestest friend!!!) lol

  4. By His wounds we WERE healed(note the emphasis on past tense).

    Mark11:23 say For assuredly I say to you(Jesus is literally swearing by His name),that if we say to this mountain(confession) be cast into the sea! and we DO NOT DOUBT in our hearts but BELIEVE that those things we say WILL BE DONE, we will have whatever we say!

    Now on the strength of the word of God that I just paraphrased, I am CONFESSING that your mum is healed and I have NO DOUBT in my heart but i BELIEVE that that which i have said WILL BE DONE!

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