Update on my sister’s life in Nigeria

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I haven’t updated you much on my sister (Tayters—that’s my nickname for her, not just a blog nickname) aside from details of her engagement ceremony and wedding. She’s been living in Lagos with her husband (TT) since April and she doesn’t seem to be in a rush to come back to Canada. Who can blame her: she’s with her husband and you know what newlyweds are like! It’s a slower-paced life so far because she’s not working yet, so she’s had time to read, watch a tv series or two, set up her new home, and learn to cook Nigerian dishes! I’m impressed by how much she’s increased her Nigerian cooking repertoire through phone calls to my mom and YouTube.

One cute thing that Tayters and TT do that I’m sure most newlyweds do is they remember every little milestone in their story. They celebrate their monthly wedding “anniversaries” and the night before their three-month wedding “anniversary” this month, TT brought home a cake to be enjoyed the following day. Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of their introduction ceremony and they both remembered it. It’s a sign that things are going well when they both remember these events.

TT spoils my sister by bringing home little treats for her. She’s always been such an appreciative person so I’m sure her appreciation is part of the reason he treats her so often. And if I may toot our horns, our parents raised us to be grateful for small things, so even though the treat might be a jar of chin chin or some Pringles, you’d think it was jewelry or something based on our enthusiasm.

Thanks to Viber and Whatsapp, we talk nearly every day (when PHCN isn’t foiling our plans!), and I get to see pictures of her daily life. TT also keeps in touch with me through Viber and that’s allowed me to see his caring side: for example, he messaged me when he was worried that Tayters had an eye infection and wanted to know the best way for them to treat it. The three of us voice or video chat sometimes, and it’s cute to see and hear them banter. They seem very happy with one another and God is definitely blessing their union.

How I know my sister has adjusted: her body is covered in mosquito bites but she doesn’t complain about it, she no longer mentions the heat and in fact very surprisingly she told TT recently that she was feeling COLD! In Nigeria! A challenge she shared is how hard it was to go from living at home and only cooking a couple of times a week (because our mom is a fantastic cook and there are plenty of options if one decides not to cook), to cooking multiple daily meals up to seven days a week. Even though she has the time, there isn’t a wide range of ingredients that are readily available within walking distance of their home. Tayters and my mom both love variety in their meals, whereas I can eat the exact same meal for months in a row without complaining. So eating poundo, eba, beans, and rice gets a bit repetitive for my sister.

I’ve asked her repeatedly to please start a blog chronicling her new life but she skillfully ignores me like little sisters can do—frustrating! Even though I talk to her almost every day I would still read her musings about life in Nigeria—I’m hoping to eventually wear her down…if I start a petition I hope you’ll sign it. ;)

7 thoughts on “Update on my sister’s life in Nigeria

  1. Aww glad to hear your Sis is adjusting to Naija life esp for someone who was born n bred in Canada. Even I a proper Naija babe won’t do as well as she is.

    Do you know if she has made any new friends and does she go to church? just curious. I wish her and hubby all the best.

    I look fwd to hearing your own beautiful marital stories when the time comes. xoxo

    • Thanks Aloted!

      She’s friendly with her neighbours and they do go to a church nearby…I’ll give an update on her day-to-day life soon…unless she starts her blog! (insert angry face lol)

      Amen to your last bit…thanks a bunch! xo

    • lol thanks dear! I’ve actually told her that based on the information she shares with me, I could totally ghostwrite her blog posts. ;)

  2. Wow! good to hear that your sister is enjoying! From your stories, it feels like she is not so far away. Nigerian and Filipino families are so much alike in many ways. Wishing the best for her too and the family she and her husband is establishing.

    And you, my dear, you are always in my heart! *squisshy hug*

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