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Thank you for the tips and comments that were left with regard to relaxing my hair. I went to the lady as planned and I told her that I would like her to leave the relaxer in longer than she normally would and she agreed to five minutes longer and no more. She set the timer and the moment it went off she took me to rinse it off. I was concerned that five minutes wouldn’t make enough of a difference but thank God it did! My hair was straight and even a week later when I washed it and let it air dry, it looked the way I expect well-relaxed, air-dried hair to look. I took a picture of the freshly relaxed and styled hair but it didn’t look so great.

I normally pay $70 before taxes to get my hair relaxed at this place, $79.10 with our 13% tax. This time she charged me $65 + tax and I added my usual tip. I have to admit when reading comments from people who are getting a good relaxer job for in some cases less than $20 I felt cheated. BUT…I love the salon experience, well really what I like is someone else rinsing off the relaxer and washing my hair. The rinsing process that is hard when you’re at home: in the salon you’re in a chair that tilts backwards; at home I’d be kneeling in front of the bathtub with my head in the tub and someone would be hunched over me, rinsing off the relaxer. It’s just not the same experience. Right now, carless and living in a two-bedroom place, this expense does’t seem too ridiculous but maybe when I’m paying for insurance and gas and car payments, or a bigger house, I’ll look at my hair budget as an area where I can be more economical.

I feel like this hair dresser and I have an understanding now so I’d go back to her. Better than her skills at relaxing are her hair cutting skills. She really knows how to give you a style. Right now because I lost a lot of the length at the back of my hair, she gave me an old Rhianna haircut: short in the back and longer in the front. I can’t wait until the back of my hair grows out.

The poll I put up in the last entry shows that we’re almost split with regard to giving a tip. I don’t know what percentage we’re “supposed” to tip hair stylists but I definitely don’t tip up to 15 or 20%; my tip is usually around 10%. Sometimes I have a bad experience and I decide not to tip, but when it’s time to pay I always end up feeling bad if I don’t tip something, so I end up tipping 5% or $5 and then I get mad that I’m tipping for a service I’m dissatisfied with. Nonsense! Men don’t do this kind of thing I’m sure.

All this talk about hair reminds me of how jealous I am of my Nigerian sisters who rock different hairstyles from month to month. You know how our oyinbo counterparts are always dyeing their hair or doing dramatic cuts? Nigerian ladies switch up their style effortlessly too. Like I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been relaxing my hair since I was 17. I have never “gone natural”. I have worn a weave once, for about a week, in Nigeria. How do you get a weave to last longer that that in such sweaty conditions anyway? I’m tempted to try a weave here but I’m afraid the problem with weaves for me isn’t the heat and I can’t afford to pay for a weave in Canada that I’ll remove in a week’s time…abeg I’m not made of money. When I go to Nigeria I usually do Ghana weaving and I do love my hair braided into some neat style that I don’t have to worry about. In fact it’s about time I did my research for someone in my city who can do a great job for a decent amount (not as good as Nigerian prices, alas!).

So because I’m curious, please indulge me: what hair style are you rocking now? Twists? Afro? Relaxed hair? Weave? Gorimapa? Share!

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  1. Hi. Nice work. I’m good at writting. Could I have an opportunity to post stuff here too?

  2. Hey GNG
    Have been MIA for a while now, infrequently blogging and infrequently appearing here….anyways, I read your last post and you said it's not about going natural. Recently, I've been looking more and more into the chemicals that are in all our cosmetics (let alone relaxers) and it's been a shocking experience. I've now started going natural with all cosmetics and for that reason alone I can't help but be distracted about how poisonous relaxers are when reading this post. Did you watch Chris Rock's documentary about hair and relaxers? Anyways you gotta do what you gotta do, but it just sounds horrible to even take the risk of having your hair and scalp burnt. I have heard a bout a new way of relaxing, can't remember what they called it, blow out? But what can you do when it's so expensive, it's unreasonable. I'm glad to hear you were satisfied with the job though. Rock your new do :-)

  3. relaxed and very short.

    I'm happy she was able to correctly do your relaxer. Finding a good stylist is not easy o.

  4. Braids that need to be taken out but won't until I'm done with the project on my hands! My hair is completely natural now… I can't remember the last time I relaxed my hair but truth is I often get tempted when the natural hair gives me trouble. I found an easy solution though – I just pour water on it and it becomes easy to work with.

  5. Glad you like the result of your hair appointment this time around
    I was wondering when I read your initial post about your hair, why its such an herculean task getting your hair relaxed, we do not worry about such things here…..thankfully!

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  7. I shaved my head gorimapa to go natural about 2 years ago! Note that this is my second attempt at going natural and "gorimapalizing" my head. However, I am sticking to this one. Third time is not a charm for me. Right now, I am rocking braids. The most you'll see me with my afro is leaving my house to head to the salon. As I take it out, I get new braids back in. Braiding is expensive in the U.S just like it is in Canada. So to cut the cost down, I have a friend who's very good at braiding (and started her braiding business) do it for me. She charges me 80 – 95 depending on the style!! You can't beat that.

    My thrify behind found me soliciting braiding services on Craigslist. Biggest waste of money and time of my life. needless to say, I could only wear the hair for at most 2 weeks, in one style so it looked a little decent and wasted $100 plus almost 12 hours of my life. Oh I forgot about the hair I bought to….mscchhheeewwww Never again.

    Have you had any experience soliciting for such services on Craigslist or some other online directory? Share!!

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