Updates on a few things

The Down Syndrome Association of Nigeria (DSAN) could still use your donations and support. You can read more about the organization on their site. Please consider giving to help out this worthy organization. You can even donate through paypal, by sending the payment to info@dsanigeria.org.

Don’t forget to check out Genevieve Magazine Online for those who can’t get their hands on a copy easily! You can subscribe to receive all the fresh issues as they come out, or register on the site and receive a few free issues. One thing I will say from experience is the owner of the company launching the magazine online is so nice and provides excellent customer service, so don’t hesitate to contact her if you have any questions.

To my dear single ladies who are waiting for me to act on that initiative I mentioned weeks ago: what I have so far is a tentative location and one entry. The idea behind the website/forum is one that is very close to my heart but I have been busy lately. I can barely keep track of responding to emails and comments personally (as I like to do and will likely have to stop doing), and it took me over a week to clear my Google Reader so I have no blogs waiting to be read, so it may take me longer than planned to set up a regular posting schedule and the forum component but I haven’t forgotten! I encourage you to please submit any comments and questions you may have on that blog.

And finally, on the story of B, the girl whose ex boyfriend tried to kill her and left with some brain damage and unable to support her family. I am waiting for an update on the matter and will provide one as soon as I have it.

6 thoughts on “Updates on a few things

  1. Thanks for the updates dearie. And thanks for bringing all this to my attention in the first place. how are you?

  2. Thanks for the heads up..

    About time Genevieve Magazine started an online subscription for people beyond the shores of West Africa..

    No use in having a good product if it's not accessible

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