USA is thankful today, and so am I

This Thursday happens to be Thanksgiving in the US, and what better day for me to be sharing the things that I am thankful for? Canada celebrated Thanksgiving Day back in October, and I had a lovely time then (and the day off, might I add).

  1. I’m thankful for the US. It is the country of my birth and although I consider Canada more my home than the States, US’s influence on Canada is undeniable. On a less serious note, it’s generally accepted that the shopping is better “down south” compared to Canada: there’s a larger selection and a greater availability of clothing and shoes to fit speciality sizes. In fact before Payless Shoes came to Canada, my parents used to try to take us children to the States so that those of us who have been wearing size 11 wide shoes since we were 11 (ahem) could find stylish shoes that didn’t look like men’s shoes for a change.
  2. I am so thankful for friends who accept me as I am. I apparently come across as a decent person and I am, but you don’t see the GNG whose voice becomes progressively louder as she’s trying to make a point, the GNG who squeals with excitement at the thought of getting a bargain, the GNG who interrupts others during conversations, the GNG who likes to have her own way, who doesn’t like the same movies her friends like and lets them know it, who’s a picky eater, who’s demanding…let’s face it: I can be really annoying! Three friends in particular are totally cool with me being me, probably more cool with that than I am with them being them. I have been known to wish (aloud or in my head) that this friend or that friend was more this or less that. Maybe they wish the same about me but they don’t say it to me so I have to commend them. It’s a gift that I really appreciate. In fact, all my friends allow me to be myself. I don’t have to be fake or pretend to be someone I’m not. It’s refreshing!
  3. I’m thankful for challenges in relationships with people because they are opportunities for growth individually and together. Challenges also help you figure out how important someone is to you by the way you treat a situation: if you’re willing to resolve things so you can get the friendship back versus deciding to throw in the towel, you learn much about what you value and who you value. Sometimes you can’t resolve things but those cases are the exception in most relationships. No one wants their nearest and dearest to be someone who gives up on them the instant a challenge comes along, so think of that the next time you’re faced with discord in a relationship.
  4. I’m thankful that I won Onada’s giveaway last week! The prize arrived this week and I can’t wait to use all the goodies. I’m thankful for Onada‘s generosity and I feel blessed.
  5. Finally, I’ve been inundated with love this week by people who read my blog! Thank you so much to everyone who makes me feel like the time I spend writing entries and reading them over countless times before posting isn’t a waste. I won’t lie and say that I’d get as much satisfaction from the blog if nobody read it: I love and appreciate the interaction with people. I can see how blogging can get expensive: you meet all these people online and then you want to meet them in person! Private jets were made for situations like this!

What are you thankful for?

17 thoughts on “USA is thankful today, and so am I

  1. First I really hope I am 1st!

    Im thankful for my first thanksgiving!

    And hmm having a jet wont be a bad idea:)

    Congratulations on winning Onadas prize!

  2. Aww congrats on your winning, so happy for you. I love your blog a lot, the entries…just love it. Keep it up. So today is our thanksgiving in the state, will send ur turkey here….miss ya. You stay thankful and blessed. God sure hears your prayer…Xoxo!

  3. oh girl am with you on Size 11 so am I LOL.

    I am thankful there have been no deaths in my family or my husbands family. I am thankful tht my twin girls are healthy BABA MODUPE GAN!!! They are my everything

    I am thankful that I am now a small business owner and I pray La Mode goes to heights I never imagined IJN Amen

    I am thankful for my husband & my wonderful friends n family!!!!!!!!

    I am just so thankful to God.

  4. GNG, I thank God for you that you won the Onada giveaway( I guess that qualifies me to share in the goodies) ‘wink, ‘wink’

    You are right, thank God for friends that allow you be yourself, and dear you know your blog is a very inspiring and interesting one, so yes, all the time you take to write and read again and again your posts is well worth it!

    Go girl!And yes o! Waiting for the private jets, you know there are so many people I want to meet too!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving babe,its been ages missed your blog, we all have something to be thankful for.

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