Water under the bridge

**Entry reposted because my comments were busted**

Dear Nigeria HC,

I haven’t been easy on you. I criticized the way you run things, especially since it led to me having to go back and forth a few times. I thought your receptionist could use more training, and had some suggestions for how you could improve your efficiency in general.

Perhaps your ways of getting things done seem unnecessarily convoluted to me, but you know what? I don’t care anymore. Because you sent me my passport. And not only did you send me my passport, you included those darn envelopes that I was complaining about. That really made my day.

Normally, I wouldn’t come back to see you for five years, but I’m going to pay you a visit next week. I’m so thrilled that I’ll thank you in person, but the real reason I’m visiting is because I’m hoping you’ll be kind enough to hook me up with a few of those pins you were giving out on October 1. If you do, I promise to sing your praises forever.



11 thoughts on “Water under the bridge

  1. @Geisha

    Sorry to hear that :(

    @Femi B

    Sorry, the comments were broken. I'll send you one if I get some, how about that? :)

    @Vera Ezimora

    Thank God God loves me abi? I'd be lost otherwise!


    Well, I think I might be pushing my luck but maybe if I sweet talk them by saying I'll be taking them with me to Nigeria, they will comply.

    @Ade Adeyemi



    The one in this post (scroll down to the see the picture)

  2. Eventually, when we stand and refuse to tolerate ineptitude, people will have no choice but, to be equal to their task. Yeah, it may not be easy but, it can be done (& achieved); patience, the watchword.

  3. Kai GNG there's a saying in 9ja that goes thus:"Awoof dey run belle"!!!

    okay on behalf of Nigeria HC I am telling you now that the only way you will be able to get those pins is if you sing the National Anthem for blogville!!!

  4. @Rethots

    I like the way you think, and I totally agree with your comment.


    lol I know the first four lines of the anthem…clearly I need to learn the rest!


    Amen! Thank God. The good news is that I found my own pin so even if I don't get any more, at least I still have one I can wear proudly.

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