Weekly to dos: eight

Each week I’ll post a portion of my to do list for the coming week. The following Monday I’ll update you, hopefully with pictures, and share my list for the next week.

It’s Tuesday and the second week of February already—God help us! Thank you to those who encouraged me and didn’t let me off the hook: I caught up on the items from last week’s list that I hadn’t done (I had that green smoothie and took that second walk). When I’m walking in -20 degree weather, with the cold, icy wind stinging my face, I think to myself It would just be easier not to eat junk food! but the feeling is short-lived. On a positive note I make better food choices after a walk.

This week's to dos

Blogging and Websites
My focus has to remain on NBA business. Once these Awards are over, I’m going to be recruiting a dream team of volunteers for a live 6th Nigerian Blog Awards in early 2016. More immediately, we need people to volunteer their time every four months to check one or two categories, to find blog links are no longer active. Berry Dakara has offered to go through some of them but we could definitely use more volunteers so if you have a good internet connection and an hour or so to click links, please let me know!


  1. Have a green smoothie
  2. Walk partway home twice this week
  3. Read three chapters of Instinct* (T.D. Jakes)

What’s on your to do list this week? This month?

*This is an affiliate link, which means that at no extra cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you purchase the item using my link

2 thoughts on “Weekly to dos: eight

  1. Well done on catching up, and good luck with this week’s list!
    And lol at making better food choices after your walks. In other news, I’ve discovered a new fun way of moving a bit….dancing. So much more fun to just put on some Nigerian music and dance the night away, alone. No self-consciousness, better exercise than walking as you’re moving every part of your body, no need to get dressed and go out into the cold and best of all, it is great fun. Try it Jummy, you can thank me later :)

    • I must apologize again for not responding to this in a timely manner, Clara—sorry!

      I love dancing and I should definitely try it—for sure it’s a workout!

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