Weekly to dos: four

Each week I’ll post a portion of my to do list for the coming week. The following Monday I’ll update you, hopefully with pictures, and share my list for the next week.

Last week's to dosHome

  1. Clear all kitchen counters so that only the essentials remain on themDone! I even moved my stove out of its alcove and cleaned the floor and walls behind it, and the exterior of the stove itself.

Kitchen counters - before and after

Blogging and Websites

  1. Incorporate final comments on the ebook on bloggingDone
  2. Publish a preliminary schedule for the 2014 Nigerian Blog AwardsDone


  1. Make an appointment and meet with a financial adviserI was determined to get this one off my to do list so praise God it’s done! I called the new branch of my bank in my neighbourhood on Friday afternoon and a financial planner was available to meet with me on Saturday afternoon. We met for about 30 minutes and I have a followup appointment booked for January 2.
  2. Begin reading The Gifts of Imperfection*Done


  1. Knit the border of my winter hat
  2. Go for a (minimum) 30-minute walkDone, thanks to Allison, who saw this on my Week 3 to do list and immediately sent me a text message offering to walk with me. We walked for nearly an hour on Thursday—it was cold!

This week's to dos

Guess what? This week, the plan is to have a wonderful Christmas with my family and spend time with friends. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

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8 thoughts on “Weekly to dos: four

    • Thank you so much! It does feel good, and every time I see it looking so clean I want to keep it that way.

      I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

  1. You inspired me to start this with my language learning, and it really works!

    Merry xmas and a happy 2015 to you and yours. Enjoy the time with your family. xxx

  2. Your kitchen! :) Thanks for listing getting financial advice here. I’ve been stalling since August and I think it’s high time this falls off my to-do list. Especially with all the projects I’m currently juggling.

    Way to go, Jummy. You’re on top of things!

    • Thanks jare. I feel about finances the way I feel about politics so it’s a real struggle to make progress in this area.

      Have you gotten some financial advice yet, missy?

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