Weekly to dos: one

December 1 already? God help us!

My day-to-day life lacks structure and accountability. I like to pretend that I don’t have any responsibilities: rather than live by a budget I prefer to bargain shop, avoid unnecessary fees, use coupons, and try to live below my means. I’ve rebelled against diets since I first knew what the word meant. Some weeknights I’ll stay up until 4:00am working on something, even if I know I have other things (work) to do the next day. Oh: and procrastination is my love language.

This was fine in my 20s (some might say it was only fine in my teens—don’t hate!) but this is no longer serving me, and I’m certain that I’ll never reach my full potential if I continue in this way. So, I’m starting a new series, Weekly to dos. By sharing a weekly to do list, and updating it the following week, I’m hoping that I’ll succumb to the pressure of public accountability and if you’re like me, then maybe you’ll be inspired to make your own list (though I suspect you’re a go-getter who doesn’t need public accountability to coax you to do things).

Here’s how it’ll work: every Monday around midnight my time, I’ll post my to do list for the coming week. The following Monday I’ll update you, hopefully with pictures, and share my list for the next week. I encourage you to do the same—we can be accountability partners (though full disclosure: I may have to add “don’t let down my accountability partners” to my to do list!).

Here goes:

Weekly to-dos-banner

Pack away summer clothing
File bills, statements, and paystubs.

Draft December’s Thankful post
Incorporate final comments on the ebook on blogging
Send email update regarding the 2014 Nigerian Blog Awards

Read chapters 9 and 10 of Battlefield of the Mind
Meet with financial adviser

Create a pot of succulents for Anne
Begin knitting winter hat

What needs to be on your to do list for the next week?

16 thoughts on “Weekly to dos: one

  1. Jummy this is so awesome!! I’m so proud of you for doing this. I know you are going to do great with accomplishing your weekly goals and organizing your time. I just know it!! Since your starning a new, just don’t be too hard on yourself or get discouraged if you don’t accomplish ALL in the first week….just roll any unfinished item over as the first priority of the next week.

    Battlefield of the Mind!! Sounds interesting. One of my to do’s this week is to obtain a book called Rediscovering the Kingdom by Myles Munroe and begin reading.

    • Thank you for the support and encouragement, Highly Favored! Such a good point you made about not being hard on myself if I don’t accomplish everything. This is important, given my history and the fact that circumstances can prevent our good intentions from winning the day.

      I hope you’ve managed to track the book down and are enjoying it!

    • Thank you; you know me well enough to know that um…I can get discouraged and also I may not do everything I want to do! Hugs!

  2. We all slack from time to time. I started making a weekly will-do list and will reward myself for getting all 10 weekly goals done. I scored badly last week, so I couldn’t go to an event I had originally planned to attend. I’m also working on an e-book, amongst other things. I’ve already packed my summer clothes away though :)

    • Oh Mane Captain! I’m the slacking queen and I’m just sick of it! Years are going down the drain and I have precious little to show for it. Enough is enough!

      You’re working on an ebook about hair I hope? It’ll be stellar! All the best with it. And nice work with knocking some things off your to do list!

  3. Dear GNG,

    Not to put pressure on you or anything, but we’re waiting for an update!

    Just joking, I love/use to do lists a lot, however I sometimes feel like they restrict me… if you know what I mean. So, while it’s definitely a good idea to take control of you life and it feels immensely satisfying to tick all those pesky little tasks off your list, it is also a good idea not to be too bound by the “rules” so to say (I guess I’m coming from the other extreme).

    Have a lovely productive week with or without your lists!

    • Lol Clara—I was totally late with the update, which is not a good way to start off is it? I have a good reason though!

      I suspect you’re one of those people who manages to get things done, so I can see how a list might feel restrictive. In my case I know I should be managing my time better so I’m trying this to see if it helps.

      I hope you have a wonderful week too! xo

  4. I wish you the best with your weekly lists and that they will help you do what you are supposed to. I have daily to-do lists, not necessarily for accountability but because I am quite forgetful. The lists really help me keep on top of things.

    • Thank you, Zambian Lady, and thank you for visiting too. I hear you on being forgetful: when I think I’ll remember something that I haven’t written down, I usually forget it.

  5. I am a ‘List’ person. I scribble all sorts of stuff all the time.

    I have ‘To-do Lists’, ‘To remember Lists’, ‘Itinerary Lists’, ‘Shopping Lists’…just name it. lol!

    Not only do they help to keep me organised, they serve as a confidence boost to be able to measure accomplishments per time.

    I may not always follow my lists 100% all the time but they do give me a good sense of direction from day to day.

    All the best with your weekly list and I hope you succeed in keeping to them. Kudos!

    PS: Thanks for your kind words on my blog.

    • Hi Enkay! I like how you use lists…just reading that makes me think you’re very on top of things (which I kind of already thought!). Thank you for the encouragement—I need it!

      And you’re welcome: Happy Wedding Anniversary!

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