Weekly to dos: two

Every week I’ll post my to do list for the coming week. The following Monday I’ll update you, hopefully with pictures, and share my list for the next week. I encourage you to do the same so we can be accountable to each other.

Thank you, Highly Favored and Aloted for warning me that I may not complete everything on my list, and encouraging me not to get too discouraged if that’s the case. I don’t believe in making excuses but given how these past two weeks went, I’m happy with what I did accomplish. I haven’t slept on my bed or in my house for over two weeks and if you subscribe to my newsletter you’ll find out why shortly (if you don’t, sign up!). Spoiler alert: it’s not actually juicy gist; I’m just trying to build some suspense!

Last week’s goals:

Pack away summer clothingDone except for a couple of things that need to be washed
File bills, statements, and paystubsDone! In addition to this shelf of binders I have two filing cabinets

Blogging and websites
Draft December’s Thankful postDone, though there will be more to add as the month progresses
Incorporate final comments on the ebook on blogging – Still waiting to receive the final comments
Send email update regarding the 2014 Nigerian Blog AwardsIn progress but not sent yet

Read chapters 9 and 10 of Battlefield of the Mind – Done
Meet with financial adviser – I called the bank twice but never reached someone to make an appointment. I could have left a message but did not

Create a pot of succulents for Anne – I bought the pot I’m going to use—next week I’ll post a picture of the pot filled with plants
FORANNEBegin knitting winter hat – I have the yarn I want to use and I’m trying to decide between two patterns

Weekly to-dos-banner

Clear all kitchen counters so that only the essentials remain on them

Blogging and Websites
Incorporate final comments on the ebook on blogging
Send email update regarding the 2014 Nigerian Blog Awards

Meet with financial adviser
Give myself a pedicure

Create a pot of succulents for Anne
Begin knitting winter hat

What’s on your to do list for the next week?

6 thoughts on “Weekly to dos: two

    • You need to see the rest of my house before you say that, Maggielola! I have a strange need to keep track of paycheques, bills and invoices but the rest of my house needs serious help.

      Thank you for the support!

  1. Wow, sounds like you accomplished a lot! Kudos.
    As for me:
    1) Blog on my new blog http://www.livingcoily.wordpress.com so far so good but always need it as a goal so I dont fall off
    2) Finalize invitation list
    3) Reserve resort for wedding and send save the dates
    4) work out at least once despite busy work schedule ( i work one week on from 7am to 7pm and then have one week off) . So far I have been too exhausted on the week i work, and when I am off like now, I just want to do NOTHING despite maintaining a healthy appetite lol.
    5) read some neurology

  2. Well done on accomplishing so much Jummy. By the way, I stumbled across an article on Bella Naija yesterday and immediately thought about you. It was talking about how research has shown that writing down goals helps with their achievement…so yeah, it seems you’re on the right track!

    Have a lovely, restful weekend. x

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