Weekly to dos: nine

Each week I’ll post a portion of my to do list for the coming week. The following Monday I’ll update you, hopefully with pictures, and share my list for the next week.

Just when you think you can’t stand the cold any longer, a long weekend in the form of Family Day comes on the third Monday of February. It’s extra cold outside so I’m going to spend the day at home, doing homey things like cleaning, purging junk, and maybe some gardening too.

Last week's to dos

Blogging and Websites
My focus has to remain on NBA business. Once these Awards are over, I’m going to be recruiting a dream team of volunteers for a live 6th Nigerian Blog Awards in early 2016. More immediately, we need people to volunteer their time every four months to check one or two categories, to find blog links are no longer active. Berry Dakara has offered to go through some of them but we could definitely use more volunteers so if you have a good internet connection and an hour or so to click links, please let me know!

Done, though the job is not yet done.


  1. Have a green smoothieDone
  2. Walk partway home twice this weekDone; I don’t enjoy how laziness tries to keep me from doing what’s good for my health
  3. Read three chapters of Instinct* (T.D. Jakes)Done

This week's to dos


  1. Repot plants
  2. Prepare pulled pork for my lunches this week (I’m inspired by the pulled pork sandwich I had at Ves’ house this weekend)

Blogging and Websites

  1. Post second blog post on goodnaijagirl.com


  1. Read three chapters of T.D. Jakes’ Instinct*
  2. Update my Passion Planner
  3. Walk for at least 30 minutes twice this week.

What one thing do you want to accomplish this week?

*This is an affiliate link, which means that at no cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you purchase the item using my link

4 thoughts on “Weekly to dos: nine

  1. Yay for “home days!” This week I want to get back on my German grind as I slacked off a bit last week. I’m learning that consistency is key, so I don’t want to allow myself to become complacent. Hope you had a lovely weekend.

    have a great week and good luck to both of us with achieving all our goals this week!

    • Clara, I had a great weekend, thanks for asking. I hope you did too?

      If I could have a whole week off I would not complain at all.

      Have a great week too and I wish you much success with your goals this week.

    • Thank you, The Mane Captain, for your willingness to help—I’ll be in touch once these Awards wrap up.

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