Weekly to dos: ten

Each week I’ll post a portion of my to do list for the coming week. The following Monday I’ll update you, hopefully with pictures, and share my list for the next week.

This past weekend I discovered a couple who’ve been rocking the internet for while—Alex and Mimi Ikonn. If you’re an inspiration junkie like me you’ll fall in love with them. I’ve been watching their YouTube videos and I’m particularly resonating with the fact that they are Canadian immigrants, like me (and many others, of course). They lived in Toronto for most of their time in Canada; now they travel around the world and are currently living in London, England. I plan to share more about them this week, possibly on my newsletter rather than the blog, so you better sign up for it!

Last week's to dos


  1. Repot plantsDone. I had difficulty finding larger pots for all my plants that needed them (the store I usually go to didn’t have any more pots) so I used what I already had at home. I was able to repot my three most desperate plants.
  2. Prepare pulled pork for my lunches this week (I’m inspired by the pulled pork sandwich I had at Ves’ house this weekend)Oh yes I did! It was delicious and I made buns to go with my pulled pork because I didn’t have any bread at home. I was pleased that I didn’t spend money on lunches last week (I often buy my lunch).

Blogging and Websites

  1. Post second blog post on goodnaijagirl.comDone, it was about gossip–check it out!


  1. Read three chapters of T.D. Jakes’ Instinct* – I didn’t realize this book was due back to the library as soon as it was, so I had to return it before I could read my three chapters, to avoid overdue charges. I’m waiting for the book to become available in the library (I’ve put the physical book, ebook, and audio book versions all on hold).
  2. Update my Passion PlannerI just did this now #totallycheating. I have to do this more consistently!
  3. Walk for at least 30 minutes twice this week. – Almost! It’s quite cold in my corner of the world right now, so cold that they’re issuing extreme cold warnings every other day. During these warnings, people have to be careful about how much time they spend outside lest they get frostbite! I tried to walk last Thursday, but halfway through I had to abandon it because the icy wind made me feel like my face was being cut—it was brutal. I was able to walk on Friday, and I should have walked on Sunday to make up for Thursday, but I was tired and napped instead, then watched the Oscars.

This week's to dos

Blogging and Websites

  1. Finish pre-screeing NBA nominees
  2. Send panelists their blog categories to evaluate
  3. Send February newsletter for goodnaijagirl.com


  1. Clean main floor (living room and dining room)


  1. Pick a new book to read while waiting for Instinct to become available
  2. Give myself a manicure
  3. Get two 30-minute walks in

I wish you the very best with whatever you want to accomplish this week!

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8 thoughts on “Weekly to dos: ten

  1. Dear Yummy Jummy,

    Well done for achieving everything you did! I am super impressed that you decided to bake the buns, normal people would be like “oh no, no bread at home, I’ll just nip out to buy some.” The house must have had an amazing smell afterwards, and the result looks too good to eat! me, I’m really slacking with certain areas of my German learning (other to do things going well). My life is super busy at the mo so…

    Anyways have a lovely week, and good luck for this week!

    • Thanks for the support, Clara! What I’ve read about action breeding action is true: once I was in the cooking mood, baking buns didn’t seem daunting, and I was even motivated to attempt making puff puff (they turned out well, but my oil could have been ‘fresher’). You’re right that the house smelled so good!

      I trust you to get back on track and I better go and let you know that on your blog! :)

  2. Good job Jummy! Especially with the taking lunch to work. One of my goals for this year is to take luch to work at least 3 days per week as I was a daily lunch buyer as well. I’m so proud to report that since the begining of the year I have taken my own luch to work EVERY DAY. Praise the Lord……..

    • Thank you, Highly Favored and congratulations to you on bringing your lunch to work all of this year! I’m impressed because I know how hard it is (as I write this I’m currently eating my lunch that I purchased). Well done!

  3. Question: Do you work near a mall? Have you thought of taking walks there during lunch? I worked near the Eaton Centre (Toronto) at one point and almost always went there during my break. Not including my eating time, the walk to, from and at the mall meant that I got at least 20-25 minutes daily. It was also fun to research wish list items! :P

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Cynthia; it’s a good one. The Rideau Centre is the closest mall and it’s too busy to walk through purposefully but I’m going to start dressing for the weather so that I don’t have an excuse to skip a walk.

        • Although it’s not a competition, there are factors such as the number of people per square foot to consider.

          Anyway, the solution that’s working for me is walking to Baseline station in the morning (rare) or walking to Lebreton station after work (2-3 times per week).

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